Bladder control problems more common in ADHD

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    Bladder control problems more common in ADHD - Reuters

    Children with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) may be more likely than their peers to have problems with bedwetting and other bladder control symptoms, a new study finds.

    For parents of kids diagnosed with ADHD, awareness is the bottom line, according to Palmer.

    He added that some parents might think that voiding problems are "just a part" of ADHD. "But they should be aware that it can be addressed," he said.

    According to Palmer, treatment usually means various types of behavior changes -- like limiting liquids in the evening and having kids wear a programmable watch that reminds them to take bathroom breaks at regular intervals during the day.
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    This is not a big surprise... But something else that isn't said is that a child on daytime stimulants may (or may not, of course) "crash" at the end of the day, leading to them not waking up when their body says it's time to go. Limiting liquids helps, of course.