Blocking her website, cutting FB, protecting me this Christmas


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I decided to take the plunge and take care of myself for Christmas. I took two big steps to assure that no matter how much I may get an unhealthy itch to check out what my sister is saying about me, I cant. It feels good.

First off I deleted FB which I dont use anyway and really never peeked at much regarding bored me. But now I cant. Even if I get the urge.

Secondly I got my husband to block the one goofy website my sister used to post on about me. I dont know if she still does. I have not looked. Bart used to sometimes check for laughs but i asked him to please stop and he has.Now I cant check even if I get the masochistic urge. It is blocked. Haha...yes I am masochistic sometimes! :)

I dont know how my husband blocked her site and I am not a good techie. I have no idea how to unblock it. Nor will I try. I will never see that site again. Wiped off my screen!!! Yay!

For some reason this has given me a feeling of added peace and safety. I dont care if she reads my stuff still. I always wanted to tell her my point of view of everything and if she still reads it, she knows. To me it doesnt matter if she agrees with me or not. I just wanted her to know, and her reading anything I write doesnt upset me. I write better than I talk and found a good place to tell my story (this site). And so I did.

But I dont want to do the same with her. And havent for a good while and now i cant.

I hope you all decide to take good care of yourself as a present to yourself. This was my last nagging problem to finding a peaceful life. This is true no contact.

Have a wonderful day. Be nice to yourself.
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It has been out of mind mostly. Now I am sure it will be. I needed to make it impossible for me to communicate with her in any way and now I have.



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For some reason this has given me a feeling of added peace and safety.
Makes sense to me. When my son was first out of the house I had an app on my phone that checked the GPS location of the other members of the family. I didn't HAVE to look...but I couldn't seem to help myself. When we dropped that service it was SO a weight lifted off my shoulders. I didn't need to know where he was because I wasn't supposed to know where he was and finally I couldn't know, you know?