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    Have any of you read any of the Meghan Rose books? I met the author today while waiting for Jess to audition for the Missoula Childrens' Theater.

    She wrote the books for her own daughter and then ended up getting published. Part of the reason she wrote them is the R-U-D-E behavior in the Junie B Jones books. her daughter started acting like Junie (as did mine, and many of their classmates!). so Meghan rose promotes other behaviors. They are really cute books, on the Junie B Jones level.

    The public schools won't even put these books in their libraries because they have Christian content. Meghan does pray, and there are discussion ideas in the back of each book, but they are in no way hardcore.

    Lori, the author, says she couldn't find books for that age group that promoted "Christian values" (some of what is considered Christian values in the books seems more like good manners to me, but that is me!) and did NOT push rude behaviors as funny. While I find Junie B Jones to be a riot, it isn't so much funny when that behavior happens in real life. It is more bratty and unpleasant to deal with.

    Anyway, I thought the books might appeal to some of us and our kids. As they do have "religious content" (the Muslim temple in our town bought the books and put that label on them - and still read them aloud to the children!) I thought I would mention it.

    I do NOT mean to offend anyone, just let you know of a neat set of books (4 in the series so far) that the younger kids here might enjoy. and parents might enjoy too!

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    My difficult child II loves magic tree house books as well as the Boxcar Children books, I am hoping he'll get into the Hardy boys now that he's older, difficult child I's Learning Disability (LD) has held him back from being a "reader".

    I also love the Trailblazer series which is also christian historical fiction
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    Those are awesome books. have you tried books on cd for difficult child 1? Our friend who is a reading specialist will have kids lsiten to the audiobook while they follow along in the book. It really seems to help. How old are your kids? I am sorry, but I forget - I get the kids confused sometimes. (It is esp bad here at home - my tyler looks very much like his older brother did at his age. A real "Mini-Me", if you will. So I find myself calling him by Wizard's name - and Wizard (who is 16!) by thank you's name!! LOL!!)

    thank you got the magic treehouse books on cd for christmas (not all of them), but it REALLY makes a lot of things easier for us! He can read anything, but loves the audiobooks too.

    I think Meghan Rose might appeal to girls more? But they are well written and very cute.