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    Well easy child/difficult child made it to 11 years 359 days without a single broken bone. Today that changed when he fractured his thumb. He's very excited about his "football injury" and said it means he's becoming a man. He's even more excited that it happened on 12/12/12. Boys!!!! lol
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    Glad it was just his thumb and that he seems so upbeat about it. I guess when it begins to throb you can remind him it's a "cool football injury" lol
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    I'm glad it's just his thumb too! He has to see a hand surgeon on friday though because it's a bone chip fracture which is worse than a hairline fracture?? Ugh! Just another annoying dr appointment this week! He had the psychiatrist Monday, pediatrician Tuesday, EKG at the hospital today and THEN back to the same hospital ER after we got home and he showed me his thumb (he couldn't have just said something while we were already there for the EKG???), tomorrow is the therapist and now Friday the hand surgeon! Plus I have a final for my marketing class Friday morn! I'm sooo ready for this week to be over!

    And I will def remind him of his "cool football injury" when he's whining about it later! He already hates the fact that he can't hold a sandwich with both hands (lol) and wait until he realizes he can't play his video games with no thumb!
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    I bet a broken thumb will really be hard though! Id almost rather higher up on my arm. Poor guy, but yeah, pretty great to have a football injury! LOL
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    Bone chip fracture is worse because they need to worry about where that chip is at and or where it may eventually wind up. When I fractured my shoulders......well it was pieces.......and they're still floating around in there. And you can hear them when I move grinding. ick doctor said he wouldn't do surgery at the time because at that point it wasn't interfering with the joint. But that in a few years.......I'd have to have the surgery. It's been 9 yrs. They do bother me from time to time but I'm not ready for surgery yet even with the grinding. lol