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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, May 22, 2008.

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    difficult child had a good morning and I felt good putting him on the bus. I got the scrapbooking done I wanted to finish and enjoyed easy child's graduation ceremony (small school so nice short ceremony). husband and I went out to eat (easy child had gone to late lunch with a girlfriend and her godchild so was too full to eat).

    husband and I went go school early. It was estimated they would be back about 7:00. husband worked on schoolboard items while I worked on Vacation Bible School registration forms.

    At 7:00, I called another mom to see if she had heard from her family. She said about 20 mins earlier they were eating at a town a good hour away. I asked if her husband said anything about my difficult child. She said "no" but he didn't want to talk because he was eating. So husband and I decided to wait. It was a nice wait - we worked on a crossword puzzle togther. About 7:30 I was starting to get nervous (he had left at 8:30 this morning and I didn't know how tired he would be thus bringing on the bad behaviour). There was another dad waiting and I asked if he thought they would call me if they needed to throw difficult child off the bus. :sweating:

    So, the bus pulls in about 8:00. Of course, difficult child is one of the last ones off. I went up to one teacher and a mom who is concerned about difficult child's behavoir and asked, "Are the parents still talking to me?" The teacher laughed and the mom chuckling said, "No, we are not talking to you!" I knew it was o.k. then.

    difficult child got off the bus and said, "It was all good. I get the car." I asked him if he had any moments that he felt he would start a behavior to get into trouble. He said "yes". The teacher said on the way back (after eating) a discussion was started between chevy and ford. She asked him to turn around to stop the discussion before someone got mad. Just before arriving at school, the conversation started again - arrival at school ended it. She stated as far as she is concerned it was a very successful trip and difficult child did a great job.

    I am so HAPPY! :woohoo: Now I can enjoy the next two days preparing for easy child's open house. Well, atleast I can hope for the best! difficult child is wide awake and it is 9:17pm. He is going to crash hard tonight.
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    Congratulations on your daughter's graduation and your son's good choices! :)
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    :yourock: difficult child! This board auntie is very proud of you! :woohoo:

    So, Adrianne where are you in MN & what time should I show up for the open house? What can I bring besides kt & husband? I thought I'd drop them off & run away. :bigsmile:

    Really, have a good weekend.