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    We got Bubba when he was 8 weeks old. He has always hated his crate, and would cry and cry when you put him in it. He stil dislikes the crate, but will go reluctantly into it when I make him. I used to have L come to the house those first few weeks to sit with him after she got out of school. She held him in her lap and he loves her like no one's business...

    So, you know, Bubba has seen some pretty rough times this year with his sinus problems. The last week or so he is slowing down on eating quite a bit. The specialist told us in the spring that he may have something growing in his sinus that may become large at some point, being very painful and will stop him from eating. There's a spot about the size of a ping pong ball that is under his left eye lately. So, we have been worried.

    Today I decided to do some stuff in the garage, where his crate is. He followed me down there, and crawled into his crate. He had not had breakfast or gone potty, and it was about 11:00 AM. He wouldn't come out. So I left him there with his door and the house door open and came in. Made some toast and ate, he still wouldn't come in. Brought him a bite of hot dog, he wouldn't touch it, and wouldn't get out of the crate. So, I waited a few minutes, then went upstairs and rang the doorbell. He barked, but stayed in the crate.

    So, I sat down there with him for about half an hour. I opened the door to outside, to no avail. I petted him and he just sat with his eyes closed, licking his chops in a real weak way. I was convinced he was going to die right there in that crate today, and that's not at all what I had pictured or was ready for. I got myself up to a good cry. husband was in a meeting and couldn't answer the phone. I couldn't figure out how I would get him into the house, let alone to see a vet, and I wasn't going to sit down there with him all day to wait and see.

    So, I called L. She came right over - it seemed like forever - and guess who came out of his crate! He did a lot of snorfelling and coughing, but he was on her like ants on sugar. He wouldn't come into the house until she came into the house. She was able to give him a Novoxx in a hot dog. That's a pain/inflamatory drug. She's convinced I was overreacting. I'm thinking maybe Bubba was overacting. But I'm also certain he is not well. L left after about a half an hour, and he is laying asleep on the carpet where he was when she was here. He seems better, but I don't know what to think.

    I had made a vet appointment before L showed up, because I was thinking maybe he needed some paliative care. But, we can't afford any more tests and procedures, and now I don't think I can take him. But I blubbered on the phone to the receptionist, and I feel stupid.

    Boy oh boy, he's still in love with L, though. His favorite person in the whole world.
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    Oh gosh Witz...Im sorry Bubba isnt well. It doesnt sound like he is feeling well at all to me either.

    I will keep you guys in my thoughts.
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    Bubba's behavior after L left sounds like the medication working. I wouldn't be surprised if you find him the same way tomorrow. Poor fella.

    Since he's acting this way, I'd hide the crate so he can't get it in again like that. Does yours have a top that unscrews off? Might be an option if you can't get him out again.

    (((hugs))) Glad L came over and helped you get him to take his medications.
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    Poor Bubba. I'm so sorry, witz. :crying: They worry us to pieces, don't they.

    I have to say, I'm really impressed that L came right over. Somewhere in her is a spot of compassion and caring.

  5. Star*

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    Bull, Casper, and Pootie send their regards and best wishes for a speedy and snotless recovery.

    You know witz - Our Pit Bull, Bull is DF's and Casper is mine and Pootie is a pootie. But Bull and Dude have a special bond that we can't explain. When Bull was a puppy - Dude was cruel to him and we thought at one point he would get bit. He did! Twice, the first time we went to the ER and Dude got 3 stitches and glue to the face. Not EVEN a month later - he did it again and deviated his septum. A small piece of it still is clearly visible and Dude refused surgery - said it reminded him of how he should treat animals. (I know but whatever)

    To this DAY all I have to do is mention WHere is Dude? Bull goes bananas looking for him. When he comes over? You would swear the queen was here. That dog LOVES that kid and the kid loves the dog. He's not that way with ANY of us and we feed him. So I think....maybe there is a 9th sense with dogs and lesser brained children. (being nice here about my own) because he can pull the most boneheaded stunts and that dog will follow him around like they are glued at the hip.

    Our furkids are incredible.....and for that ping pong sized knot? Try a warm compress. Did you ever check out the homeopathic store for pets? I swear Bubba in a crate - WITH a humidifier pointing towards him and maybe some eucalyptus oil would work wonders.

    Hugs to you and the Spotted Dog.

    And you cry as much as you need to about this - Good grief I got choked up when you were talking about it. :anxious:
  6. Suz

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    Our fuzzbutts do pick up on our feelings. Sweet Molly Doodle could tell what I was thinking but it's Chelsea who goes into a real funk if I'm blue and is ecstatic when I'm happy. I call it the "Chelsea Mind Meld."

    It sounds to me like Bubba was having a "Bubba Mild Meld" with you and your worry. It also sounds like he really doesn't feel good. The refusing food concerns me greatly; it was Sweet Molly's turning point, I hope it's not Bubba's. :9-07tears: