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We've known for a long time that kt would be at risk for an eating disorder. Her hx of abuse & lack of body awareness is extreme.

It's rearing it's ugly head here as it was at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). I'm taking all the needed interventions for bulimia; 2 glasses of water before eating a meal & no bathroom visits for 45 minutes after eating.

I'm keeping her diet to things that take thought & time to chew (high in fiber) & ,in turn, are hard to bring back up. All foods are put away, so she has to ask for snacks & such; cannot just graze with-o thinking. I have chewing gum (sugarless) out & available at all times.

She is extremely anxious over something at school this morning & right after her shower made herself throw up. (She isn't willing to share or possibly isn't consciously aware, & I'm not going to push it this morning - I'll contact school & let them know.)

We are addressing this in therapy & she's being watched closely. In the next month or so, we'll be visiting with a nutritionist.

Is there anything I may be missing?



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Ugh! You already know far more than me on the topic. Wishing you strength on this one. I hope kt does not take that path.
Linda, Sorry to hear this!!! I posted on the morning thread before reading this. Eating disorders can be so difficult to deal with. easy child has a friend who was hospitalized when she was younger for anerexia (spelling???). The good news is that she had lots of help and is doing really well now. She looks great!!!

As I haven't had to deal with this with easy child, I really can't give you any good advice. in my humble opinion, it sounds like you are doing everything you can. I think visiting with a nutrionist is a great idea.

I'm keeping all my body parts crossed that whatever is bothering kt this morning gets resolved ASAP!!!

I hope she does better after school... I'll be thinking of you. :flower: WFEN


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Linda, sounds like you've got a handle on it. She is in counseling, no? Not yet? That's a biggie.
Good luck.

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I hope this doesn't develope farther, as always you seem to have a great awareness and put interventions in place, what a role model for the rest of us. My only other concern is what she can do to her medications if she isn't keeping them down. Good luck..it sure just keeps coming, doesn't it?


Linda, I so know where you are. As you probably know, my easy child had a very serious choking phobia that led to complete anorexia, hospitalization and NG tube feedings. You seem really on top of things -- you can't let things spiral out of control because eating disorders tend to take on a life of their own.

As you probably also know, eating disorders are fueled many times by anxiety. So it's important to address the underlying anxiety with both therapy and medication interventions. You may not want to hear this because I know you have a million members of your "team," but I also think it's important to consult a top-notch bulimia specialist in your area to make sure the therapy and medications are the right ones to address the eating disorder. We wasted a couple of months in the wrong therapy with easy child before we got to the right specialist in our area.

Good luck. I'll be keeping you and kt in my thoughts.


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I would add, "trigger foods" to be aware of and avoid. These can be the one's that you can't just eat one of, or the ones that trigger a binge on some other foods. I'd keep these types of foods, and drinks out of the house. For example: Pizza and Chinnese food was a trigger for a friend of mine, she would eat a whole pizza or large chinnese food by herself. Also soft drinks and chips triggered wanting other things, and the binge started (cake, hamburgers, tacos, etc.) it went on the whole day or days. She couldn't stop until the eating urge stopped. And it was all triggered by something small and innocent.

I'd also make sure she was deficient in anything that would cause a craving.

Oh, and alot of times we eat, when in fact we're thirsty. So I'd make sure we was drinking lots of water to keep her hydrated.


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It sounds like you have a handle on things. I'm glad you have such an awareness with your children. They are blessed.