Buddy, How have the last few days gone?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by whatamess, Apr 2, 2012.

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    Hoping the positives are continuing for you and Q! :)
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    Well, where did I leave off???

    As of Sat evening things were much better.

    Sunday was trickier verbally but still, no physical aggression. We went for several walks and he would always go back to telling me some aggressive things but not being aggressive. He did end up staying in during the evening after calling me names, I was worried eh would not be able to hold it in if he went outside.

    Today he was his typical self in terms of moments of not cooperating and blurts but again no aggression UNTIL we went to Occupational Therapist (OT). He did fine there but I was thinking it was a 45 minute session so i went back at 45 minutes and I wrecked the routine. He walked out and we tried to stop him but once he is on to the next thing, to stop him means he will get upset. So he sat down and I told her to leave him and we talked. His Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker came and they came back to me and he punched me in the stomach. (not hard..just touched me but still, made me jump) so Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) left with him and I finished my business then went out and he was waiting. He apologized and said he was really mad I wrecked his session. Truth is he was mad at me all day...every turn I took I should have driven another way, I should say are you ok if he trips but then if he trips and I say are you ok I should not talk. So, I think the whole getting back into the home bound school and wondering about school period is back on his mind PLUS...huge thing that always happens, he has a cold and/or allergies. He is always mean when he gets stuffed up.

    So still better but I was super disappointed and of course am trying not to think about maybe that this is again a medication that starts out ok then falls apart after several days. I pray not. The dr. office gave me reg capsules to see if being on it regularly will help. We will start that tomorrow. Still down 300 on the lithium too. so now 600 in the am and 600 in the pm and he doesn't seem as intensely thirsty. Maybe it is enough down to help for now.

    Too many variables to tell for sure today but I of course would like there to be anything he could face and still not get aggressive. Just a small request.

    Thanks for asking.

    Also, I got NO word from any school district. the home bound teachers have heard nothing.

    The social skills group people called and they want Q to come for one hour of the social skills group for the first month, they think he will need more attention than the others. It turns out we need both his MA and his waiver funds so I am not sure we can do that. They are going to see what they can do.

    I also missed his speech today but given how he transitioned, I guess it is better he didn't go. I just thought the schedule they gave me showed it was cancelled due to vacation but oh well.