"C" Minus 3 Days--How's everyone doing?


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I picked up my difficult child yesterday after his school Christmas party and he was all things he was NOT even just a year ago. He was happy, smiling, handling the sensory load well, pleased with his gift received at the gift exchange instead of (after 2 weeks of obsession and angst) angry. At home he didn't meltdown and I decided not to challenge him on all the junk he was eating. All was calm, all was bright.

BUT, that was a far cry from a year or so ago when this time of year was absolutely dreadful due to his inability to handle it. I alternately felt bad for him and was frustrated with him.

How's everyone doing?


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Mine has got a little anxiety mixed in with a lot of excitement. The game plan is to have Daddy take her to a local store to buy something for Mommy (she likes to shop, lol!) and otherwise have a quiet day today and tomorrow. She has double church services on Sunday with a program performed by the kids in the morning and a traditional Christmas Eve service in the early evening.
At least she's not wild-eyed yet... /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/11-24c.gif


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So far we are surviving. He hasn't been to school since Tuesday so he missed his party. He hasn't said anything and I'm sure not going to remind him. :wildone:

We are doing very looooooooooooo key here. You almost would not know the "C" day was coming. Just bare minimum discussion and certainly no "count down" going on.

His behavior has been so good but he has been sick. I don't know if we will ever get both stable at the same time :tongue:



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Well, it is hell here. He is so worked up we are in meltdown every 30mins or so. My Dad came to take us for lunch today, I was really hesitant to do it cause difficult child doesn't do well in restaurants at the best of time but this time of year is even worse of course. So against my better judgement we went, he did really well given the circumstances but my Dad had a nasty comment for me anyway "why don't you have a couple more kids so you can make your life even worse" and "do you ever wonder what you did to deserve this".

I really can't wait until it is all over now, I just want to try and get him back on even keal. His brother isn't helping matters, he's really excited too and I can't blame him but he gets difficult child geared right up into meltdown every time.