C.W. update on Joy - more prayers


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I spoke with C.W. who is currently at I believe one of his sons's homes. He says he will be there for several days so I told him I will call him there daily to see how things are going.
Indeed Joy has lost 70lbs of fluids, has a 17cm tumor, if I am not mistaken, her dialysis was no longer on the table. I asked C.W. if they are still looking at treatment options or just trying to make her comfortable at this point. C.W. told me that Joy has been sent to the palliative care unit of the hospital, that there doesn't seem to be any treatment that would benefit her. In a very quiet voice he told me she won't be here for long. My heart wept, Joy and C.W.'s love has been a love story of dedication, determination and committment through the very worst that life can throw at someone, for so many years. I have been so moved and so inspired by this dynamic pair for so many years. I have hated to watch them both suffer, I have hated to hear C.W. say that Joy isn't here much longer as what a bright light she has been here for us all.
Please everyone say special prayers for our very special board friends. They really need us now.


Sending up many prayers for Joy and CW, that they can find comfort and hope and light in the coming days...
My prayers go out to Joy and CW. May God's loving arms comfort Joy and keep her pain free. I pray that CW gets through this time of grief and sorrow with the strength of his friends and family. It is nice that he has a friend like you, "Mattsmom". From what I have seen, Joy & CW have lots and lots of close friends on this board. (I never know them). My prayers also go out to the board members who were close to Joy.

God's blessings.


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I will say special prayers for such a special lady. Joy has been supportive of so many of us for so long. I remember she was one of the very first people to greet me many years ago and has never failed to encourage me when I needed it the most.

I am so confused as to why they have not done anything about this tumor years ago when they first discovered it. It never made sense that they just left it alone and at times it seemed they even denied it was there.

I am so sad that this special lady and her very special guy are going through so much.

Please tell CW that we are all so sad and praying so hard that Joy is not in pain and he being cared for and somehow gets through these difficult days.

Hugs to them both,


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I am so sorry to hear that the the update on Joy isn't good. Joy and C.W. are two very special people.

Even more prayers being sent for them both.