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I am totally fed up with this school. My daughter was unable to read her book outloud for her oral book report. We met with the CARE team and have it in writing that she is not required to complete all assignments. So last week she was downgraded 40 points out of 50 for not reading the book outloud. This assignment was to be done when she was she was out of school with pneumonia. The project was to read it to a 1st grader. She had been reading the book to her brother for the last few weeks. So I left a message with the teacher to please let her try to read the book outloud again and possibly she could read it to a friend or her little brother. So I get a call from the principal at work, he is on the speaker phone with the teacher and listened to my message. He starts it off with that I requested to have her read the book to a first grader(it was the original assignment) I said no, if she had a problem reading it in class she might be able to read it easier to her little brother since she has been doing this at home. So he said she refused to do this so again would be failing this assignment. I disagreed and said it is related to her Generalized Anxiety Disorder and this is an example of how it affects her. He said that the accomodations we agreed on are being followed(false). Then I said that I am not going to lose my job by these repeated calls to my work. I basically broke down and asked him how much does she have to go to get help, depression(its increasing) not going to school, suicide attempts like my older son? The principal again repeated about the accomodations. I hung up on him. So my husband is following up now.


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Sorry you are having this problem. Having husband follow up is a good idea. My husband and I are now sharing the phone calls and follow up. It does help a great deal.


<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">We met with the CARE team and have it in writing that she is not required to complete all assignments. </div></div>

The problem with that is the wording is very vague. In other words, terminology of this type leaves it purely to the discretion of school district personnel.

I understand your frustration. I've battled this same problem with the sd for years. Even after finally getting an IEP, I have to stay on top of IEP implementation.


This is not OK as you know. Where are you on the IEE?

I'm sorry this is so stressful. Getting husband to field calls is a good idea. As hard as it is, when you get upset, the SD will then blame you for your child's problems.

In law it does not matter if the child's parent is the modern day equivalent of Attila the Hun, the school still has to serve. however, in practice, if the parent can be blamed, schools tend to reduce services.

You need a reinforced, heavy duty :warrior: suit for dealing with your very unreasonable SD.