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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by sweetiegirlz, Oct 3, 2007.

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    I found a doctor who is going to see her in a MONTH. Well, I need to keep looking. lol. In a month she usually has a LOT of mood swings.

    But she has been cooperative today. Still defiant in so many ways, but with gentle and persistent nudges does what I say.I cannot raise my voice because all hell breaks loose with her, but i hate walking on eggshells around an 11 year old!

    Still the hangup of getting her in the shower. I wonder why. She feels so much better after and appears to be in a better mood after a shower.

    Tonight she hit her sister with no provacation. I vowed consequences since it was bedtime when it happened I let it slide.

    Traditionally she has always struggled with her sister's birthday(today) and becomes jealous since the attention is on someone else, and will swear up and down that she is getting more "stuff" than she got on her birthday.

    3 years ago, difficult child had a party with about 12 children there and got presents up the wazoo. Well 10 months later, her sisters birthday came and we didn't give her sister a party but went out to a restaurant. No cake even, but a piece of chocolate pie! and here's difficult child kicking her under the table on her birthday, whining and acting 2 yrs. old and falling out of her seat all to ruin what little we were giving her sister!

    On the whole, difficult child is eerily calm today. She has been hanging around friends that she recently made and is very happy announcing that she loves her school and that it is the funnest ever she's been to. i expect that little piece of news to change on the next mood swing though. lol

    Coming home yesterday with one of her new friends, difficult child got really hyper with me and took issue with taking her shoes off at the door.

    I looked at her friend in a certain way like "What the....?"

    and her friend's reply to me was,

    "she doesn't act like this in school".

    amazing. I already knew that. LOL.
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    My 2 girls are nearly 3 yrs apart and difficult child 1 has always been jealous of difficult child 2. difficult child 2 had a birthday party when she turned 13 (difficult child 1 was nearly 16) and had girls over to spend the night. difficult child 1, unknown to me, had 2 girls over and hidden in her bedroom. I kept wondering who she was talking to! Well, I discovered the girls, called their moms, lectured all of them, etc. difficult child 2 was mortified and still talks about how difficult child 1 ruined her birthday party. difficult child 1 couldn't stand for difficult child 2 to have any attention. Now they are 16 and 19 and difficult child 1 does not live at home and they do much better. I think difficult child 1 is remorseful about her behavior towards difficult child 2 and tries to make it up to her.
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    My 9 year old has issues with taking showers too....and also the issue of the birthdays...not as bad, but he does like to point out that his brother got this thing and he didn't...if anything chris is the one who makes out better than all of them....for some strange bizarre reason, i do tend to let things slide alot more for chris than his siblings...considering that he is the one that is the most "trouble" i'll scream and yell til bob buys me that nice ring i want.. :smile:
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    I wonder if subconsciously we're letting stuff slide because we're so tired of fighting with them?

    I think birthdays are just one example, and the difficult child's will make an issue out of ANYTHING, if they are in the wrong mood. lol!

    I know with my difficult child she will call her sister *all kind of horrible names* and then if her sister calls her ONE name,

    she'll whine and cry to me if I don't come down on her sister like a ton of bricks, difficult child will say,

    "see, you don't even care about me"
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    You could be describing my daughter. I always say it's just because she loves me best. :wink:

    I don't get the shower thing either. It would be a knock down drag out to get her in there, but she came out transformed. Who knows.

    by the way, a month is VERY quick to get in. I don't think you're going to get any better than that.
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    Thanks Heather! See without you saying that about her appointment I'd be trying to change it to earlier with another psychiatric. doctor!

    I guess the month will give me time to journal for the doctor and let him see a good picture of her moods.