Can I just vent please....

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Kjs, Oct 30, 2009.

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    I have nobody to talk with and things are reaching the boiling point. Both here and home.

    Due to illness at work I have covered and worked for 7 of the last 8 days/nights(12 hour shifts - one 14 hour shift) Include my drive time and it is 14 and 16 hours. I get home around 1am. Get up by 6am.

    Thought great...extra money. NOT.
    Dishwasher handle broke off and cannot close it to run.
    I was in ER.
    difficult child was at Dr. Missed two days of school due to illness.
    husband had an emergency root canal.

    Neighbors went to Disneyland for 10 days. We are taking care of their dog. No problem. They left on 10/22. Dog is great. I love to spoil her. But she was nervous at our house at night would not sleep. So we brought her home at night and went and got her about 6am.

    Usually I just open the door, she comes out and we go home. Well, it has been raining everyday. I opened the door on Tuesday and smelled a little musty. But they smoke in the house, it has been all closed up and it has been raining so didn't think much of it.

    Worked Tuesday for 16 hours. It was HORRIBLE. I got into it with my partner. He didn't do anything. Wouldn't tell me what he was doing or why he was asking me for reports. He wouldn't tell me. I didn't realize how loud we were screaming until I didn't have a voice. We were both in another room - the print room. All the machines were running so it was loud. There were two other employees present and I didn't realize a printer repair man was there. Uggghhh. I went to the bathroom to cool off. Ran into the printer repair man and he said, "I feel the love" "reminds me of home". I am suppose to end my shift at midnight, but the payroll checks were not done and the normal PRINTROOM person that comes in at midnight doesn't know HOW. It is his JOB. I work in mainframe and was helping out!!!! And it should of been my day off.

    I apologized to the printer man, said I shouldn't of been talking that way. He said it was fine, he understand the stress with payroll. (almost 70K checks to get out)

    Printer repair man stayed with me and ran one machine and I the other. When complete, he left. I sorted into mail bins and labeled them all. Told the night print operator I was leaving (2am) He said I can't. I have to cover the bins. (consists of putting a cover on it and strapping it.) He didn't know HOW. My partner disappeared. Not that he knew how to do anything. When I was done, I went to the data center to retreive my coat and purse. There is my partner. A big spread of food. He went out to eat. Or went and picked up food. Here I haven't had a break for 14 hours and he just came in a few hours prior!!!!! Grrrrr.
    boss was on vacation.

    Next morning, 6am wake up difficult child for school. Go get the dog. Only when i opened the door it smelled SO bad. Musty, moldy...I went down stairs (finished basement. cushy thick carpeting) Flooded!. Totally Flooded. Sump pump I could manually trigger on, but it didn't go on. It had a cover on the hole. I put up the computers that were under water, retrieved CD's, games, books and tried to spread them out upstairs. Got my older son. He moved the cover on the sump pump and it went on. That room was not flooded as much. Bags, have NO idea how long it had been flooded. We have a carpet cleaner, as do the neighbors. easy child and I halled out boxes and bags and put things up. We took our shop vac over. We used that, I mopped the washroom and storage area. Then we both used a shampooer and sucked up water for 6 hours.

    husband got home and rented an extracter and did this for 4 more hours. Brought home industrial fan from work along with all the others. (5 fans)

    Still today - wet and stinks. Thankfully they come home tomorrow.

    THEN........Yesterday just before I left for work, easy child was out on the deck and when he came in he started cooking. Dogs were in the kitchen and I thought I saw a leaf blow across the floor from patio door being open. Only the dogs started going nuts. Then I did a double take and it was a MOUSE. I started screaming. easy child is trying to get the dogs OUT of the kitchen cause they will eat it. I don't care, I wanted it gone. It ran behind the stove and dishwasher. I ran out and got 7 mouse traps. Today, I checked when I got up. No mouse. It was little. Took off the bottom of dishwasher, no mouse. Pulled out stove, no mouse. Pulled out mouse. Could it have gone down the basement by one of the pipes? OMG...I can't live with a mouse in the house. I pray it is not pregnant.

    husband got on me about how he comes home from work and does stuff and I don't. OK, he has a 10 minute drive. works 4 days a week from 7 - 3:30. I work an hour away, 12 hour shift (worked 8 of the last 9 days, and one 14 hour shift) Spent the entire day off sucking up water. AND I get home at 1am. WHAT does he want me to DO????? He NEVER cleans bathroom, but I never do garbage. Ok, I can live with that. I asked him what he was going to cook today. (I leave at 11am and get home at 1am) His reply was "what are YOU going to cook" OMG, I lost it.

    Thinking of staying at the neighbors tonight.

    Ok.. I'm done now. Sorry. Feels good to get that out.
  2. hearts and roses

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    Hugs, kjs - sounds like you could use a weekend way, by yourself~

    Sorry it was such a stinky week~
  3. GoingNorth

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    Vent?? After a day of that sort of carpola, I would've gone off so badly that it would've made Old Faithful look and sound like a teakettle boiling!
  4. Hound dog

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    And you didn't just plain beat the man silly??? Wow. I admire your restraint!!!:bow::mad::mad:

    What you've had mah dear is a serious case of Murphey's law going on.:faint: Tell husband he needs to start doing his share of the work. All that bad karma he's building up is starting to rub off onto you.

    I'd told husband I was making roast beef hash tonight. His fav meal. I went into the kitchen.......OMG you don't even want to know. The man has nothing to do all day long since he's out of work......and my kitchen is a disaster. :mad: So instead of his fav meal.......he got warmed up beef roast and potatoes. When he saw the look in my eye when he dared ask why I didn't make hash......he had the good sense to shut up.

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    It sounds like a terrible week. You definitely deserve to do something nice for you. Hugs! :flower:
  6. susiestar

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    Sending many hugs. You are truly a good neighbor to do all that work.

    I hope it gets easier soon.
  7. KTMom91

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    Sending hugs. Sorry it was such a bad week.