can someone pls. tell me again.........

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Jena, Apr 11, 2008.

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    can someone pls. tell me again what are the symptoms as you or rather "us" as parents view them in our child?? do you see them last for few days or few weeks??

    i'm back to making my notes. trying to figure this out. desperation once again. difficult child up most of night again, crying, sad, up feed her after few hours of sleep and she's raring to go again me i'm throwing up from exhaustion.

    we dont' know what to do anymore for her. chlonidine isn't working, she's lacking sleep her little body needs. docs aren't helping. got hold of assistant of dr in pittsburgh. i'm thinking of fixing truck somehow finding job for few weeks saving up money adn driving out if they'll see her. i've been sitting here all morning calling various doctor's in area trying to find her a therapist crying at the state she is now in.

    anyone have a child with a sleep disorder?? what does that look like to you??

    i'm not trying to diagnosis her on my own i'm just trying to see once again what you guys see as far as this stuff goes what you see.

    i'm sorry i'm a mess today. i feel like i'm chasing my tail again. my boss even got nasty with me via email last day is 15th i haven't been there how can I? i told her in no uncertain terms do you think i chose my life to be this way?? you have got to be kidding.

    thanks as always for your endless valuable input it is always always appreciated i do'nt know where else i'd go with this stuff.

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    You feel that? That is me giving you a really big hug.

    Have you tried Melatonin for her? I can't remember if you have or not, forgive me.

    "Sleep disorder" is a very broad term. I have a sleep disorder, but nothing like your child has. I had a sleep study done to verify that I have sleep apnea. I also have occasional bouts with insomnia, and I have a very crappy mattress to boot.

    You may have answered this before too. Is there any way that you can get her on medicaid, since you are out of work at this point? It sounds like she needs more than a sleep study. She might need a psychiatric hospital stay to get her dxs and medications under control, the poor thing. It would also give you a much needed break.
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    no she's good with insurance. i won't have any tuesday but thank goodness she will continue to.

    i have tried melatonin and it does nothing it's like candy to her. the chlonidine doesnt' work on the nights to me she is manic although who knows is she manic??

    i've put a call into the doctor in pittsburgh i saw on that channel 13 special that was a re run the other night. we can't afford it. boyfriend has done everything in his power. yet maybe if i can find a job for a few weeks work save it i can drive there and bring her there next. or am i making too much out of this and just totally drained??

    i don't know anymore.
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    she isn't on any medications right now. i don't even have pyschiatrist i got rid of him he was a horror show. so rigth now i'm searching for both therapist and pyschiatrist to work with her.

    yet with out any medications will it work?? i don't know, if it's just depression and anxiety maybe just maybe in time. if it's bi polar i do'nt think it will. that's why i keep struggling for diagnosis. and not getting it. i just know i can't keep going on like this ,we can't as a family. we're losing the battle it feels like. just the sleepless nights alone kill me, and affect entire household that's not to mention teh mood swings neediness constant anxiety.

    ugh. i'm sorry pity party today for me. sorry i'm crying like a baby today.
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    Sounds like you are having a rough go at it. If clonodine and melatonin aren't working she could be going through several things. Anxiety, fear, mania or maybe those just aren't right for her. Every medication works different on each individual.

    Have you thought about a 3-5 day inpatient for evaluation and medication check. Her poor little body needs some rest, as does yours.
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    Hey Jen! Have you looked into Medicaid Waiver for her? Call an advocate (Advocates for Children in nyc or Parent to Parent) and see what they can do.

    You may also want to call your local Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities (OMRDD) and see if they can recommend a reputable child psychiatrist.

    Don't do this alone, you've got us but there are still all kinds of agency's that can help you as well.

    Later kiddo!

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    hey thanks. i actually just called and lined up two appts for next week to interview sit down talk with them before i bring difficult child into mix.

    yea i'm so exhausted it's insane at this point. lol
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    I know how you feel...we've been through the wringer with the 9 year old over the past few months and I feel like I'm going to blow!

    Keep "slogging" through the mess...our forum family keeps telling us that we'll get through this...what they forget to tell us is that something else will crop up right after - hahahahaha!!! lol

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    Jen, I'm so sorry you're all going through this. Glad you managed to get the appointments, at least you have a place to start. Sending many many hugs...