can we try abilify again?

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by shelleyils, Apr 18, 2013.

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    I've posted before about my son being on respidone, then serequel with bad reactions. I'm trying to find another dr. Most of the places that take our insurance or medicaid don't have any openings until may! Since he's taken abilify before without any bad reactions, will it hurt us to start that again until he can see another dr.? The abilify did help some with aggression, but it makes him really restless. He's just starting to get really aggressive at school again.
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    I take it that you have some left from when it was last prescribed? Even if you put him on it - how long could he take it before you would need a refill? Plus, when you see a new doctor - he may or may not write a prescription for it... I don't know anything about the medications... I am just thinking about what you would do when you ran out... I am wondering if it is a good idea... But you are the mom... KSM
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    What I would do is to go to a regular doctor, a pediatrician, and see if he knows about Abilify, if it's still good, and if he thinks it is a good idea or if you should wait. I would not start up again without medical input, as much as I have at times tempted to do so (I understand) :)
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    We have almost a full bottle and 2 refills. The psychiatric called not too long ago and said for us to see how he does without any medications and then if he's still aggressive to start abilify again. Now she said not to give the prozac on top of it,just one medication. I wonder if giving prozac had anything to do with the way he reacted to the other medications?