Can't remember who this was????

Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by KFld, Mar 27, 2007.

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    I posted awhile back about someone stealing difficult child's identity and opening up a phone line in his name at an address he never lived at. We sent in all the required paperwork proving he never lived there and the credit bureau sent him a letter saying he is being found to be responsible for the bill.

    Someone replied, or sent me a private message telling me they work for a credit bureau or something and to let them know if I needed further help with this, but I can't find the post or message of who it was. If you know who you are and can tell me what he should do next, could you remind me of who you are. I would really appreciate it.
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    I just actually found the pm and who it was from and pm'd the individual.

    Just wanted to let you know before you all wracked your brains trying to help :smile:
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    This happened to my son, his so called friend asked him to help him out and I think dumb difficult child may have given him ss#. He is stuck with over $500 on his credit, I called them up and told them he never lived there, etc. they said he had to file police report and he wouldn't do it. Afraid this ex-so called friend would retailiate against him and get him beat up.

    If you don't mind letting meknow how it works out for you, please. or what you did. I can't do much more for him, since he won't file police report, but was wondering if there was other ways around this.

    Sad, thing really, he just doens't have a clue. I was so mad at this guy, he promised to pay, said it was his ex g/f racked up the phone bill and didn't tell him until phone was shut off, but I found out it was shut off like 2 different times. How he got it back on, I have no clue but he used my son's name and all and my phone number as emergency contact. The nerve!!! I hope i never see him ever again, I know difficult child hasn't.
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    He actually called AT&T this morning and they told him they don't have the status yet, that it's still under investigation. The credit bureau was just letting him know that until this, he still owns it. I actually emailed the Attorney General and he responded back to me very quickly letting me know that if it doesn't come out in his favor, for me to mail copies of everything to him of everything and he will have a staff member review it.

    I'll let you know how it ends.
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    This is so weird.