Car less than 24 hours, and, well...


Got home at 5:30. The sitter had to go to the city, so she met me on the way with the difficult child 2 and easy child 2, saved the trip there.

Last night, we had a long talk with difficult child 1 regarding a vehicle. husband and I decided that in pursuit of making things easier with difficult child 2, getting difficult child 1 out of the house earlier in the morning would help. To do this, we're letting him drive the car. WE gave him strict instructions that it was still ours, etc, but he had to take care of it, etc.

He left at 7 this morning to lift before school. Forgot basically everything, including his house key. They got out at 2 and he as locked out. He called me and asked to go to grandma's. I said sure. He went to grandma's, and also asked if he could go to a little mom and pop restarant and apply for a job. I said it would be great, it was 2pm, good time to go, not busy.

Grandma called at 4:20 to let me know he'd left her house.

He came home, since easy child 1 was here to let him in. Sat here til 5:30.

I met difficult child 2 pulling out of the drive on my way in at 5:30. husband had pulled in right in front of me and was in the bed of his truck getting ready to go hay livestock. difficult child 1 got in the car and left to go to apply for the job as soon as husband got home without saying a word to him. Sent me a text message 20 minutes after he left, tho I had assumed that was where he was going. (great timing - he did say last night he didn't want a job, but he would like money - least he's honest)

difficult child 2 was hungry, husband was hungry, I was fixing tacos. difficult child 1 came in, hungry, was glad it was close to ready. I realized when the meat was almost done that I didn't have shells or chips, so asked difficult child 1 to go to the gas station and grab some. He said no!!! He didn't want to, he'd just got home, he wanted to sit down and relax. I said "I'm sure you don't want to, and I'd like to sit down, too, but...not an option." I went on chopping lettuce, etc, and he never went. Asked again, no reply.


He said before he got his license one reason he didn't mind not having it was not having to do stuff for people. I should have told him the tacos were for me.

Will figure it out when I calm down. Just needed to scream.


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Gah! I bet you are fuming. He's that tired at 17 he has to sit down and relax a while? :rofl: Sheesh.

Sorry Shari. I'd be livid. Have a :smile: and try to do some relaxing tonight.



Yeah, this is the kid who couldn't keep his job this summer cause he needed the full 10 hours between football practices to recouperate for the next one.
OMG, I am so mad. And it was otherwise a decent day for once.


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Breathe deep - he is a selfish teenager. This too shall pass. It helps to keep reminding yourself of this.


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Poor difficult child, Shari. The poor kid is exhausted from driving YOUR car all day to do HIS things.

Maybe you need to get the car keys back so he can take the bus and rest tomorrow?

:grin:EvilSuz :grin:


Ok, so i was SOOOO mad at him for his attitude (well, I still am...) but...
Later he asks to go to the gym. I tell husband to handle it. difficult child 1 catches that I'm displeased and asks why. I told him, outright.

When he got home, I had asked him if he was ok, as he did look down and out. He said he was tired. And to him, this justified his actions. I beleive the child was truly sorry for disappointing me!

Oh how I wish I could understand what makes his brain tick. I'm not quite as mad now, the look on his face was utter shock. He had no idea. He really thougth since he'd said he was tired, it was ok to decline the request.

I think he's still walking. we had selfish reasons for allowing this in the first place, those reasons may still override. But I know next time not to ask. (if there is a next time)


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I would make it clear to him that you were dissapointed and that he will not drive your car unless he can do what is asked of him when you need it.