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    So, the S Carolina job that was not offered and re-posted on Friday is down again. husband sent a Thank You letter Sunday, they said they'd pass his resume around where appropriate and keep him in mind. So, we were readying ourselves for Dallas over the weekend, and I start looking it up. On their website they are offering husband's job as a full time permanent position there, so I start to get excited. After all, it's a 50% pay bump. If they want to see us Friday, we can move down Monday! By Sunday I already have 3 houses picked out. But, no word from them. So, I make husband send the recruiter an email Sunday night asking for more details, Monday morning the recruiter says that they have decided upon someone they know personally instead. It was the recruiter's idea that husband go down and meet them. He doesn't get a strong feeling that husband is excited about the job. He wasn't because he thought it was temp - it wasn't, and he thought he'd get SC - he didn't. :mad: But husband has cleared that up with the recruiter now. If a job is found, we definitely want to move. I told husband he had better get a spread sheet going on which job is temp and which is FTP, because he needs to know what he is applying for.

    So, now to an interview this Friday with a Co in N. Carolina in is very specialized field in the same pecialized type of business he is already in. But this is definitely a contract job. Sigh... I'll keep you informed.
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    I wish you and your husband every success, and hope he gets a great job very very soon.

    Love, Esther
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    Oh, gosh. Job search tenterhooks are some of the prickliest sort of tenterhooks.

    I'm glad husband cleared things up with the recruiter about his level of interest in the Dallas job, and I hope that that one or another equally good opportunity comes his way.
    Keeping fingers crossed.

    Witz, I don't know if you and husband would consider a move to the Great White North, but the markets are really starting to pick up, depending on the field. It might be worth a look...

  4. cubsgirl

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    Good Luck with the job difficult these days.
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    Thanks, all. Trinity, I would definitely consider Canada. I don't know that they're looking for foreigners, though...
  6. trinityroyal

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    They're looking for people with skills. In fact, immigration criteria have been updated recently to favour skilled immigrants over "family reunification" as the legislation calls it.
    If your husband has specialized skills in a field that's in demand up here, there might be possibilities.
  7. hearts and roses

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    Fingers crossed the right job comes along!
  8. DammitJanet

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    Go NC go NC...I am scattering little tarheel feet across the nation for you to
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    Sending tons of good luck your husband's way.

    Trinity is bang on about skilled and specialized worker demand her in Canada. It isn't that compkicated either as depending on the field, an employer need only state that there is a lack of eligible and trained applicants to pick from here which led them to select a out of country applicant. That qualified one for permission to work here, providing of course other standard requirements are met.

    I am not sure what type of field your husband specializes in but depending what it is there so many interesting specialty areas in demand here across the country. If it really is a possibility you and husband might consider you are welcome to PM me with a bit more info as I may be able to give you some ideas and links to some reading etc
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    My husband keeps joking about moving back to Canada (he was born there and is now a naturalized US citizen). I'm sure Duckie would love Toronto, lol!
  11. witzend

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    He has the interview Friday Morning. We're taking the advice to tell the hirer that we're planning a move there in any case to be near unnamed "family". husband talked to the job placement guy in TX, who said that husband lost the job because it was the recruiter's idea to have them fly husband in for an interview. He was concerned that husband didn't really want to move. Grrr....
  12. tiredmommy

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    Yes... aren't you realted to someone named Janet in NC? :rofl:
  13. witzend

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    Janet and others, I think!
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    Yes she has two second cousins in NC named Janet and Fran along with several distant nieces and nephews who have great nieces and nephews that she would enjoy getting to know. Not to mention several long time friends who live in the VA and SC areas which are all within a 5 hour driving distance for you.
  15. witzend

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    You know it!
  16. Hound dog

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    I wish your husband all the luck in the world. I'm praying for him too.

    I'd say you could come up this way.......but there is snow, ice, and the whole people selling anything they think is remotely valuable on our fb pages trying to hold a roof over their heads thing.....
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    Just helping to condense your reasons for wanting to move to the east
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    Barb, where in NC?
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