Celexa Alert!!!


Old Hand
News flash, just came out yesterday to all doctors and will be flashing to all pharmacists most likely today now. The FDA has been monitoring problems with the combination of Celexa and Trazadone for about a year now and as of yesterday they have ordered that NO ONE can take this combination. Oldest was just put on Celexa 2 days ago and she has been on Trazadone for quite a while. The dr had received a urgent bulletin and her nurse immediately called and told her she had to stop the Celexa.

The reason for pulling Celexa was because she was just on it for only 2 days and that would be better. Since she is BiPolar (BP), this is the first time she's been on an anti-depressant in many years. We finally have her pretty stabilized on a mood stabilizer which we've never been able to do and with it being her traditional winter spiral to the deep depression we were able to "attempt" to use the anti-depressant. First one they wanted to use was Zoloft but year ago that is the one that tripped her off bad and put her in the Phospital so we didn't want to take any chances. I've also hear a lot of bad stuff about it but it seems it's the one everyone wants to use these days. Why is that?

So there is the heads up. It's a brand new warning.


Good thing the timing worked in your favor. WHEW! New medications that are "proven" effective always seem to be pushed, especially if the docs themselves haven't seem the results they've wanted from other medications. It's lind of like the "new toy" syndrome...."new toys" are always THE BEST ...... until an even newer one comes out, Know what I mean??


Shooting from the Hip
Thanks for the heads-up since I am on Celexa! I don't take trazadone but... When I did it gave me horrible anxiety attacks!