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    this is a follow up of my other thread about the teacher getting upset with me when i asked her to stop taking my sons recess away. a few days ago the VP told the teacher she had to make 'improvements' to her discipline style and he has stepped in to take over for her in dealing with my little man. so now when he is bad he gets a warning, if that doesn't work he goes to the office and sits on a quiet chair with the vice-principle supervising him. then they talk about it, come up with some ideas of what he could have done better and he goes back to class. yes, the vp is actually taking the time to teach him the skills he needs instead of punishing him for not having them. so, in the past two days he has not had an incident of any kind, and he has gotten all smiley faces on his daily report AND he has gotten the stickers at the end of the day for good behaviour. these are collected on a chart and when that is full they get a prize. he also told me he got a caring ticket which the kids get for doing something thoughtful and they take them to the office and put them in a draw box to get a chance to win a prize. so i guess i was right about the recess thing and i am not the idiot parent that the teacher made me feel like. :)
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    WOO HOO!!!

    Finally! Admin who actually give a rat's patoot about one of our kids!


    PS - yup, you're right, teacher was W.R.O.N.G.!!!
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    THANKS so much for sharing this.... feels like a victory for all of us! Bless his heart for doing so well and bless vp's heart for taking the time to do his job. I love that he told the teacher as much too. happy happy day!
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    Great news, ready2run. So glad to hear of the VP's wise and benevolent influence and the effect it has had on your son. I liked your line "the vp is actually taking the time to teach him the skills he needs instead of punishing him for not having them"... Something similar should be inscribed on a plaque and given to the teacher of every child who has difficulties... Well done you for persisting and not giving up until sense was restored.
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    Sorry Malika.
    I'm going to disagree with you.


    What you should have said was:
    "Something similar should be inscribed on a plaque and given to the teacher of every child."
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    well, he had another good day today! he did sit out of gym for not playing tag but that was his choice because he didn't want people touching him, and i'm glad he was allowed to make that choice. the teacher wrote it like it was a bad thing but when i asked him he told me he just didn't want to play because he doesn't want other kids touching him. so good for him, i say.
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    LOL IC, I was thinking the same thing!

    Tell ya what though, hearing about good days makes me SMILE!
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    Did VP read Explosive Child? Kinda makes you wonder. I am sooooo glad for little man. You have both been vindicated and little man gets his "run time".

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    i don't know but he has 6 kids so i'm guessing that might have something to do with it.
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    Wow! Give that VP a big kiss for me, okay? One person can make such a difference...
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    Hi ready2run,
    Wow! I am so happy for you and your son! Taking away recess for some kids work, but for others it does not! I'm glad they figured out a way to help him!