Changing Theories on Brain Plasticity

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There are new theories out there about what our brains are, how they actually work. For instance, there are no discrete areas which can only operate for speech or vision; tying down the side affected in a stroke results in new brain pathways to re-energize the affected side, stuff like that. This is altering concept of the brain and treatment of everything having to do with the brain, from psychotherapy to autism to stroke.

The Brain That Changes Itself Norman Doidge

The Brain's Way of Healing Norman Doidge

Train Your Mind Change Your Brain Begley

There are three other books dealing with these changed ways of understanding our brains and what they are really capable of.

The first writer has a TED talk:

The books:

Mindsight Siegel

Heal Thyself Santorelli

Full Catastrophe Living Zinn


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"When we see the mind, the internal life of ourselves,and of others, through insight and empathy, that can be called mindsight. With mindsight, we can awaken people to the fact that we are all inter connected." Fascinating Cedar.
Wheel of Awareness

I like this from Dr. Dan Siegal's website. Hawaiians talk of eight senses "Makawalu"
literally eight eyes. It is the notion to be completely aware of your surroundings, understanding that everything is interconnected.

Nice share Cedar, you have had a busy day today. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.

Working at an elementary school, I see what the changes in education are doing to kids. They are not learning social skills, interconnectedness. In the talk you shared, there is a picture of the brain imprisoned. I liken that to trying to fit all of these very different kids into the square box of modern education. We are not developing the whole child, paying attention and nurturing individuality. We are trying to shove ideas and concepts at them, before they are even ready.

It is a no-brainer (pardon the pun), so many kids are having a hard time with plain old-fashioned life skills.

Thank you!