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    Ok - how many of you have tried it. Were you successful?
    I am not a heavy smoker. I am a "closet" smoker. Don't smoke at home.
    Don't smoke at work (not allowed on the property). My downfall is the car.

    For those that have quit, what do you do when you would normally smoke? The car. You know when I get to this road I smoke, then that turn I smoke, then this road....What do you do when you get to those points?

    Were you sick? I can't handle being sick.

    My doctor has asked me for a long time. I always told him no. Now I am ready. I really am. (being sick with bronchitis/pneumonia really makes that easier). But I was thinking about it for a long time.

    Were you crabby? Did it take a long time to adjust? I am thinking I shouldn't even try until school is out. I should set my date for the day school gets out. Lot less stress. Plus difficult child would be here and I couldn't just walk outside.

    I have applied for a new position at work. It is a salary position. A DAY job. Four ten hour days and one of those days you work from home. I don't have a lot of hope in getting it because my competition are two people I work with and they have been here about 12 years. But I'll give it a shot. If a miracle happens and I get that job - THAT would be my date.

    I have my prescription. My work paid for it all. Anyone who has tried this let me know how it worked for you.
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    I did it, kjs. It worked great and I actually lost the urge for a cigarette before the 7 day target date. It did not make me sick, though it did cause me to get constipated a bit. I had to up my water A LOT and cut out all breads/starches, which helped.

    I didn't finish the program, however, and now I wish I had. I am thinking of getting another script. It's expensive - the copay for the full program is $80 for me. Well worth it, in my opinion.

    I was/am a closet smoker like yourself. I still have one occasionally. I say GO FOR IT!
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    did you take it with food? What if you did not eat, did it affect you?
    With my schedule I don't always eat and I don't know when to take it. Does it have to be the same time each day?

    When I work Midnight to noon, I normally don't eat in the morning. May grab lunch and go to bed. Get up for work and I am not hungry. I snack through the night, come home and go back to bed. I don't really have a meal and when I don't work I am back on a day schedule with meals. I was wondering how meals or time of day work.
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    I used chantix to quit smoking two years ago. Yay me!!! I absolutely LOVED smoking but hated the smell and the throat clearing and the sinus issue's it gave me. I had tried to quit several times before, but I was not really committed. This time I was and did use the chantix and it was very helpful for me. It really did ease the desire for a cigarette for me and was worth every penny *I* paid for it. I did not think about it often either and that was a blessing. I do chew sugarless gum now. I used that as a crutch in the beginning very often.

    I will NEVER smoke again. I never want to smell like that again......... ever and I NEVER want to have to quit again! I say go for it! If you are committed and want to quit, the chantix can help make that happen. Good luck!
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    Just to answer............. it never made me sick. I don't remember having to take it at a special time or with meals, but that is just me. Don't get anxious or scared, be positive and look forward to all the positive rewards quitting will give you. :)
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    My aunt and uncle both quit at the same time using this. Neither one got sick, just a little constipation. But aunt's doctor said it could be the lack of nicotine causing that also. Not sure about that, but it is what seh was told.

    since she smoked from elementary school age on, she did double the normal round of Chantix, one after the other (not double doses) so her body could really adjust.

    Sadly her mother became very ill and seh started smoking again, but seh was clean for over a year. And she is going to keep on trying until she gets free of it.

    She said it was MUCH better than zyban (welbutrin marketed for smokers) or the patch or any of the other methods she has ever tried (including hypnosis and acupuncture).

    I am glad you are ready to quit. Takes a lot of courage to face a change this big.

    As for the car thing, about smoking here, turning there, can you take a different route? Even if it means a few more minutes to get wherever?

    Maybe think of those few minutes in light of the number of minutes each cigarette takes off your life (7 minutes is a figure that sticks in my brain for some reason). So at least you would HAVE the 7 minutes that you use up by smoking. They might be not very interesting minutes, but at least you have them.
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    It worked for me, but took longer than the week target day to quit. Mine took 3 wks with me unkowingly cutting down everyday more and more. That last week I was down to like 2 cigs a day. As the medication built up in my system, my desire for a cig was less and less.

    Now if I'd had the money for the refill script, I'd have been ok. But our insurance decided not to cover the cost right at that point. And while we pay more than the cost of the medication in cigs in a month, we don't pay it all at couldn't afford the refill out of pocket.

    As long as I took it with food, I had side effects at all. I'll be using it again as soon as I can swing it.

    Good Luck.