Check this out!

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Nana's are Beautiful

It does say that. Start by trying to read it from right to left. Or maybe it's your computer the way it is with Kathy.

Hound dog

Nana's are Beautiful
Hmmmm. Travis (my computer geek) says that whether or not your computer will read it depends on programs/fonts type things your computer has installed. Mine will accept any font, so I can read it. My computer just thinks it's another font. I guess the "letters" your computer can't read it's giving you symbols or squares for??

Does that make sense? (not sure I get it all and he told it to me lol)


love it love it love it. husband actally restarted his messenger when I sent it to him like that. easy child just replied like it was no big deal. She and I had a good laugh at husband.



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BBK, you said, "I STOOD on my HEAD and TYPED" - I tried it but my feet don't reach, I'm not a contortionist. I can only get my feet to my shoulders...



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OOya iptayed omesthingsay Emay ancay onay eedray.

Kathy Mine doesn't read it either. I am cool, my computer is not. haha.


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OHHHHHHHH how do you do that? I see it now. (Different computer)

THAT IS WAY COOL. I just turned my eyes upside down.

Very good, Star!

My computer will not read it either ~ but dang it I KNOW IGPAY ATINLAY!



Still ~ I just can't get over feeling that I have been excluded, somehow....

Reminds me of school back in the day when calculators were just becoming affordable. You would make up strings of digits which, when flipped over, spelled something. E.g. punch in 710.77345 and flip it over, it reads "ShELL OIL". 323375 spells "SLEEZE".

0 = letter "O"
1 = letter "I"
2 = letter "Z"
3 = letter "E"
4 = letter "h"
5 = letter "S"
7 = letter "L"
8 = letter "B"

6 and 9 don't make a letter. The challenge was to come up with words using only those 8 letters. Nowadays with all the available fonts there's an inverse for all 26 letters, though not all machines have all the fonts installed, as we've seen.

And the stupid boys would punch in 55378008. They would turn it upside down and hand it to all the skinny flat girls.

"Haw, haw, boobless!!"