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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by mrscatinthehat, Jan 12, 2010.

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    I don't know where my time goes. Having a job is making life zoom past me so quickly. I decided to come check in and realized I hadn't been on in a very long time. I don't know how it happens.

    We had a meeting with difficult child 2's JCO today. He has a new one as with the budget cuts his old one lost his job. We all know how fun it is when you get a new person on board. With all the history it can be so fun catching them up to date. Boy was I amazed by the fact she had obviously read his information. He was familiar with the case. She knew about everything. She has met him and talked about how she could see his manipulation. I was really surprised. Then she mentioned that we need to work on his plan for when he turns 18. Now that is in March of 2011. So now we have someone that doesn't want to wait til the last minute. I was baffled momentarily. She said we would meet monthly to make sure things stayed on track and to keep us up to date on things. Again a moment of bafflement. We have had to beg for time in the past. This woman seems on top of her game. So we made the decision with her (something we have talked over before) that we will have him civilly committed when he ages out of the system. He isn't safe and continues to not work to be safe.

    Hope everyone is doing well. I will try and get here more often.
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    Wow... it sounds like the state laid off the right worker! I'm glad you have someone that will take the bull by horns!

    Good to hear from you! :)
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    Oh Beth it is SO great to hear from you! I figured you were still buried under a huge snow drift (didn't you all get hit hard with snow last month?)...

    How encouraging that you've got a new JCO who is actually doing her job :D While it's sad about difficult child 2's lack of progress, at least you know you are going to get the ducks lined up so that when next March rolls around there isn't a mad scramble to deal with his new legal status. Way to go!
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    It is great to see you on the board and plan does sound positive.
    Safety should always be the most important thing for him and you. Nice that someone is seeing this. Maybe he will slowly start maturing and growing with this new plan?
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    Good to see you.

    Isn't it an absolute breath of fresh air when you get someone that has a clue? OMG, I love that feeling.

    Glad you found one of those and that things are going well for you. Thanks for checking in!
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    WELL -----LOOK WHAT THE CAT IN THE HAT DRUG IN!!!!! LOL :D;):tongue:

    MISSED YOU! I PUT out an APB for you about a month ago! Apparently you are a facebook girl. I'm not savy cat. hahah.

    Did you get your Christmas card? Hows the house remodeling going? Are you snowed in? Do you miss me? Huh do you?