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    Well I am now relocated to the Pacific Northwest. LOL Of course the Army has yet to get me a house lined up so I am in a hotel with husband and easy child until the 15th when housing should be available. Lord I hope so because living in a single room with three people and two dogs is NOOOOOO fun.

    difficult child and I have had very little contact which seems to be best. I mentioned in Step's post that avoiding all contact seemed to be the only way to keep peace. difficult child's last contact with me was in regards to money for college supplies. I told her I would be happy to help to figure out the cost and let me know how much she needed. I then asked her what her plans were for paying her monthly bill on 150 for her car and cell phone. She said she had it.......then she proceeded to text husband and tell him I had screwed her and that she didnt want anything from us. So basically i pulled the money out of her account and let it go. She was slightly short but I decided for the sake of sanity to let it go.

    My father called a few days later asking for an explanation. Basically he was trying to figure out how much he needed to give her to get her through each month. I told him what we were giving her (140) and what we were requiring her to pay (150). Hoping to clue him in to the fact that basically she was giving us $10 a month. I told him I am expecting her to get a part time job to cover her basic expenses and to contact us when she needs anything larger than that. Then I asked why he couldn't support our decision to let her earn her way considering she didn't attempt to get a job or apply for any scholarships? He just avoided the question and got off the phone.

    I haven't heard from him or difficult child since not even on my birthday. Oh well as I mentioned before no contact is the only way to avoid arguments and pain so it may have been for the best.