Child Of Rage...have you seen this documentary?

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    I saw the movie based on this family long before I adopted. This is the actual girl and family. I get really frustrated that doctors dont believe that kids can be this disturbed. I hear over and over by psychologists even in the schools how rare this is. They dont believe the parents. Parents get into trouble for locking their kids in their rooms in case of a fire, BUT if a risk analysis is done, leaving the door unlocked is much much more risky.

    I also think it is important to know that it IS worth trying therapy. True, there are kids who are too damaged. But how do you know if that is your child until you try. It takes the right kind of therapy though. So so specialized. Typical therapists can really screw up because they believe everything the kid says and sometimes put wedges between the parent and child. Problem is those specialized therapists are few and far between.

    The other thing I have heard people say even to me, that if you adopt a child when a toddler/preschooler thank heaven! They can't remember what happened to them then. They dont understand how our brains develop. They dont understand that our basic personality and ability to trust others happens in infancy.

    Watch the last part for the update. I was really so sad for her. Her tears and shame said it all. I would bet she continued to struggle with relationships her whole life, but she had a chance. She became trustworthy. Would be so cool to know how she is now. Attachment Disorders are so frustrating because for most kids it is preventable. (not all). For us, this is the most challenging part of all of our issues, even though Q is considered bonded (a little brag, I had to run my check to the office in the dark last night and he said he'd rather stay in but asked if I'd be OK without him....awwww)....we have worked so hard to get here and it is still a struggle every day.
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    Thanks for posting. I had seen the movie (several times) but never the documentary.
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    I had never even heard of the movie. Thanks for sharing this. It is soo heartbreaking.
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    Thanks for posting this, Buddy. It is tragic but, in this case, hopeful too.
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    Buddy, thank you for posting. That was incredibly powerful.

    Apparently Beth did grow to become a productive and functioning adult. She is an RN, she and her mother founded the website, and each has written books.

    Edited to add:
    I just did a bit more research about Beth and Nancy Thomas, and the attachment parenting approach they use. Apparently there is a lot of controversy about whether their techniques work, and there are a lot of negative comments about their theories. I just wanted to clarify that I'm not advocating or recommending (or criticizing) their approach. I have no idea what it entails and whether it's helpful or harmful. I was just curious to find out what happened to Beth and followed the trail here.

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    Wow, powerful. Thank you, Buddy.
    Trinity, good sleuthing.
    Whew. Hard to imagine.
    This is actually typical of a lot of third world countries. My daughter did art therapy with-kids in Honduras who had been raped by their birth fathers.
    And then there's Afghanistan.
    This is a documentary that everyone should see. Especially adoptive parents (and in regard to people who say that kids are too young to remember, boy, are they in for a surprise!).
    I didn't understand the title at first but I do now. And now I feel rage.