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    I found this site some time ago when I was surfing the net. Having been brought up in a Catholic School where they were a little, uh - ANAL - about grammar and spelling and writing in ink within the margins, I have strong reactions to grammatical errors. In any case, I found this site that lists common english errors where you can look up phrases before you write them down so that you won't look like a fool. It also explains the origin of the words or phrases, and gives the correct usage. It's very useful in crossword puzzles, too!

    Please be kind! Don't diagram my sentences for me on this one? :D
  2. mrscatinthehat

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    Interesting site.

  3. Marguerite

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    Looks good.

    difficult child 3 has to come up with spelling words for his English pages; it's to build his vocabulary. I'll bookmark this one, to help him. He has been fascinated with etymology for years now. This will be very useful.


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    Love it....thanks!
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    Thanks Witz. This is a great reference site.

    In a similar vein, here is a site about misusing quotation marks (a big peeve of mine!)
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    :alien:Sew Witz ...........and "TRINITY" whot r u sayin'???......?!!!!!! "I'm not saying anything." said Star sheepishly, !!(_#+%%(%+_$#+_@# as she rote sumtin' fer witz and "TRINITY". .....#$()"::::::;;;;##&*%$&


    Thank you, with all the being of my fiber; it was my sincere wish to give you great customer services today; DID "I" do that? snort..:surprise:

    heads to corner with desk copy of Little Brown Book - A Secretaries Guide to Punctuation and Correct Gramatical Placement of Punctuation.

  7. witzend

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    I always think I'm right about quotation marks, but I'm fairly sure that I'm not!

    Marg, I like etymology as well. Did you know that a hysterectomy is called a hysterectomy because it was originally primarily done to remove a woman's hysteria? It was big around the turn of the last century when those uppity women started wanting to vote and smoke and have jobs.

    Maybe difficult child 3 would like to do crossword puzzles? I love doing them, and they keep the mind busy. Perhaps you could find some easy starter ones that he would like?
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    "I" "think" "BOTH" "SYTES" "ARE" FANATICAL! :tongue:
    -Reel e.
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    sowndz leyek star uzd huked on wurkd fer me!
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    I knew about "hysterectomy" - did you know about "hypochondria"? An old doctor explained it once to me, when I first developed my mysterious malady and colleagues accused me of hypochondria. My darling doctor said, "The hypochondrium was that mysterious part of the body just below the diaphragm, often you feel unwell there vaguely because of stress - stomach discomfort, hyperacidity etc - you feel it there as discomfort. And it was called the hypochondrium, people who had unwellness in that area but with nothing else detectable, were called hypochondriacs."

    Another good source of such tales was my old physiology professor; the profs used to compete with one another to be the most entertaining, as well as informative.

  11. Hound dog

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    Thanks for the links. :D Although it would've been nicer to share when I was still in my English classes. lol ;)

    Before I started kindergarden I spoke "correct" textbook type english. No one knows why or how as my family most certainly does not speak that way. But people would hear me talk in public and crowds would gather to listen to this teeny (I was very small for my age) preschooler go on and on in perfect english.

    Witz, I'll never be able to diagram your sentences. I can pick out the nouns, pronouns, verbs, and adjectives. Anything above that is out of my league. For someone who spoke it correctly as a child, I struggled horribly thru english classes.

    BUT because I once spoke it correctly........I always write it correctly when called for. I just can't tell you why it has to be that way. Which is how, although most of english zipped right over my head, I still got decent grades in it.
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    ROFLMFONIX Off............;)