Could use some board strength for my family

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    My Mom and Dad are on their way to UP Michigan. They were supposed to be leaving today for a week of relaxing with their friends in Arizona, but life has a way of messing with plans. They are on their way to deal with my Queen-of-all-GFGdom Grandma Rose.

    See, Rose is 93. She's of mostly sound mind and mostly functioning body. Rose got married 13 years ago. After losing my Grandpa, she didn't want to be alone but she didn't want to move by us either. (My Mom is an only child). So, Rose gets married to a man 7 years younger than her thinking that he'd keep her company and could take care of her when she got older. Well, Robert had a stroke and then developed Parkinsons. So at 93, Rose has been taking care of Robert. Until now, Robert is getting to be too much work for Rose and since Robert signed all medical decisions over to his son when he married Rose, His son is moving him into a nursing home.

    Being the GFGdom Queen that Rose is...she is having a FIT! She wants Robert in her house and nothing else will do! We found this out on Sunday afternoon, during the time it took my Folks to change all their plans, Rose has been causing a major stink. She's yelled at my Mom, hung up on my Mom, Blames my Mom for every yuck that has ever entered Rose's life. Not a pretty picture. Demanded that if my Mom actually LOVED HER she's make it from Washington State to her house in 2 hours. Not a pretty picture.

    And Rose is getting too fragile and somewhat forgetful, can't drive, etc... and is demanding that Robert stay with her and if not, she will stay at her home alone. She lives out in the middle of nowhere farm country. You have to drive 20 miles just to get a cell signal and another 15 to get to the nearest store.

    So, my folks are on their way to a hornets nest. Robert is threatening to kill himself if he goes in a home and telling Rose it will be all her fault. Roberts kids are talking about a nursing home 10 hours away from where Rose lives. Rose is in a strike-pain-into-anyone-near-her-that-will-not-give-her-her-way mood.

    So, send good vibes and prayers for my Mom that her Rhino skin is the toughest out there. That she will be able to keep a calm spirit through the storm. That my Dad will be able to keep his cool head upfront and his Italian temper in check when Rose attacks his wife. And the Robert and Rose find peace in whatever happens.

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    oye vei! Funny how Gramma's aren't as sweet and fluffy as we see them as when we're kids! I have literally witnessed my sweet Nanna (96) calling an aide a $^&(*(*$ before lifting the metal garbage can off of the floor and throwing it 10 feet across the room! Weak and frail my :censored2:!\

    It would seem Gramma Rose's insecurities are coming out in an ugly manor. She is truly being just like a "child" in her reactions to the ongoing events. Sending positive thoughts and prayers your & your parents' way!
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    Sending hugs and strength.
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    Hoo-boy, that's an ugly situation for certain. I'm sorry your parents have to deal with all the drama. Hope they can find a peaceful solution!
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    Uh oh! I know what it is like to be the only child to a pita aging mom. I thank my lucky stars that my dad had my step-mom in the picture. If I had had to do it twice, I think I would have lost my mind.

    Your Grandma is just scared. Cant say I blame her one bit honestly. I wonder if there is any way to get both her and Robert in an assisted living center together. Or maybe get them to move closer to family, sell off the farm or whatever it is they have and get in home services to help take care of them both until someone just passes away. At their ages, it probably wont be a great length of time. We arent talking 20 or more years I would assume.
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    Sending out hugs and an extra layer of rhino.