Craziness! But good. Kinda.


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GB has 9 more weeks in the oven, Belle has a good job (the owners of the company have kind of adopted her and Wyatt)... Baby shower in 2 weeks.

I want to strangle Belle, though (figuratively LOL). She doesn't seem to "get" why she might need to have her baby registries done... And when I finally convinced her to get at least one done (I guilted her by setting one up for her on Amazon, LOL)... She added all this really expensive stuff. Like a $50 mobile and $300 bedding set. She has these things already, from Rose... They were gifted to me from a friend who has two boys, and old-timers will remember I didn't find out Rose's gender till birth... If she doesn't want them, I don't mind, I just don't want her getting something really expensive she doesn't absolutely need (if she doesn't want Rose's stuff, she needs to TELL ME lol). That, and... Her friends are, for the most part, not exactly wealthy. She also added stuff she has like a Boppy (again from Rose, and she was originally thrilled about it). But no high chair... LOL... No bouncer... You get the idea. Oh well. Maybe she will get a lot of gift cards!!!

Add to that her constant moving - we helped her move from MI to IN about six weeks ago, brought her home a week later because she and Wyatt were having issues, then she went back to IN. Now they are back in MI. I preferred IN - it was half the distance, and closer to good hospitals - and NOT on mostly dirt roads. Can someone from MI tell me WHY so many roads there are dirt?! But seriously, she's not getting consistent prenatal care, is really really skinny except for her belly, and I am worried.

And then there's the baby shower. I originally set it up and was going to handle the whole thing. Well. Wyatt's mom wanted to help, as did biomom's BFF (who is a terrific lady). So I delegated. Wyatt's mom got location (her house) and decorations, BFF got food and games, and I took over cake, drinks and fruit tray. (Knowing my Mom would like to help, too, I gave her the fruit tray.) Well. Wyatt's mom and her boyfriend broke up (ugly breakup involving police)... I thought it was his house, but I guess not. THEN she lost her job. So I bought decorations and made up favor bags. Now she is talking about moving to MI... I hope she waits or the shower will be in my living room! BFF's hubby is in and out of the hospital, so I'm not sure that she is going to be able to help, either. My inner control freak is screaming. I was iffy about relinquishing any of the duties because I've been told (more than once) that Wyatt's mom is a bit of a flake... BFF, I had no problems with. And I am not sure Belle is even going to MAKE it to the shower... Which is a whole 'nother thing.


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Congratulations on the new baby!


If Belle may not make it, maybe it could be postponed?

If she can be there, plan on having it at your house!

I hope the mother in law isn't planning on moving in with Belle and her hubby! They have enough going on.

It sounds like lots of fun times are ahead with the new grandchild!



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LOL I could postpone it - but of course it would be last minute. And she will be about 7 weeks (6 if you ask her, but I did the math) from delivery. The closer it gets... Whew.

I'm cleaning the house the weekend before - tip top shape for the common areas. Just in case. Bill has already planned to get Rose out of the house (and out from under foot LOL!)

And... Right now Belle & Wyatt are staying with the boss & his wife & their 5 kids. I also know MIL2B has family there (which is how Belle and Wyatt ended up there in the first place).

I'm just a little frustrated is all... My inner control freak wants everything "just so" and it's not going to happen that way!