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    I watched an interview with the coroner from CSI Miami who was arrested for drugs in the series. She and the interviewer mentioned that they had each gone to the LA County Coroners office.

    The LA County coroner's office has a Gift Shop!!!!!

    They call it Skeletons in the Closet and it is online. The link will take you to the list of all products. You can also go to the various "departments", such as Boo-verly Hills Drive for the clothes, Pacific Ghost Highway for blankets, beach towels and a crime scene kit (crime scene tape, evidence markers and a glow in the dark chalk to mark around the body); Earthly Remains for mugs, pins and key chains, and there are other departments also.

    Surprisingly prices are not too bad. They are actually cheaper than the gift shop at the children's museum that my kids love.

    I think this is a RIOT and may get a few items for stocking stuffers for Jessie.

    But maybe Wiz needs the business card holder. It is a skull. LOLOL. Just kidding on that one. He can buy it himself.
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    Checking out the site now but....Alex was arrested for drugs???? I don't watch CSI Miami regularly because I can't STAND David Caruso but I still catch it now and then. Obviously I missed something.
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    Too funny! This is in my own backyard, and I've never heard about it!
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    Alexx quit after her son was hurt. She works in the ER now. LAst season Calleigh and Wolf were in the attic of a house getting a body out of there when the killer came in and shot the roof up and then set it on fire.

    Ryan got out first and Calleigh wouldn't jump out of the attic until she pulled the body out, so she got too much smoke. They both seemed fine.

    Later Calleigh and Eric were talking to a suspect and she just collapsed and couldn't breathe. Smoke damage can do that - make you think you are fine but if nobody really checks you out it can just drop you later in the day.

    That was when Calleigh and Eric started to get together romantically - when he realized he wanted more and let her know.

    Anyway, Alexx was working the ER and treated Calleigh. That is how we know where she is now.

    The new coroner, Tara, was played by Megalyn Echikewoke (sp?) and she is who the interview was with. She didn't even make a full season. A few episodes into her run she had a aboard fall on her as she went to cut a body down. She was a recovering addict and she took some pills from a body that came in. She made it look like Julia (Horatio's son's mother) did it. Later Ryan confronts her and she is arrested for stealing drugs.

    Sorry, didn't know you were behind on this one. I miss Alexx. She was GOOD.
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    You know....I would watch it more often if Caruso wasn't on it. I've never been much of a fan but I could deal. The last couple of seasons though.............his story lines and he himself just got too far out there and I can't stomach him. (You know.....like when he faked his death, went "underground" but was popping up all over the place?) The more I see of Caruso, the less I like him.