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    We're all in different parts of CT. How's it going for you? Snow started @ 12 pm here. I live in SE CT kind of close to the shoreline. Stopped @ my parents house, they live up the street. By the time I was ready to leave, the 2 ways out of their neighboorhood were blocked by down trees (4pm). husband (4X4 truck) and difficult child had to come & pick me up. I had groceries too. They all helped along with-my Dad. As we got to the truck we could hear transformers blowing. Parents powers went out. Ours was out too when we got home. 5 hours, no power. Generator made it 20min & died, thanks to use for Irene.

    Power finally came on around 9pm.

    Tonight was tapas night. Luckily, made early and used the grill as an oven! Stuffed mushrooms & hot artichoke & spinach dip difficult child was happy. CAUSE U CAN COOK PIZZA ROLLS ON A GRILL!
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    I havent checked the news with all the hospital drama at my house but here I am in MN and it was 55ish and I saw that a big storm was gonna hit NY and the east coast. I was wondering how it is going.... My cousin is in NYC and I was teasing him because he is always bugging the doo doo out of us for the snow....

    I hope it is not a huge storm with damage but if it is gonna snow, maybe it will be pretty at least. Stay safe.
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    I saw this huge system on the news while eating supper and did a total wth?

    There are evidently areas that are already pretty bad. Stay safe, keep warm, and I hope the power stays on!

    And looks like I'm going to be experimenting with a grill.........pizza rolls? Really? lol
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    Hi Jal, I am actually on LI today till tomorrow AM. I've been in touch with my family. difficult child said they have about 7", easy child said we have about 6" and H had to leave his truck on the side of the road and hike home about 3 miles. Our power is out but we have a generator. easy child threw her back out trying to open the garage, not sure why. They said there are a lot of trees down throughout our neighborhood. Fun times, I love having to shovel the walk for the trick or treaters! NOT.I'm heading home to CT tomorrow midday, hope it's not too bad by then! Stay safe, warm, don't go out if you don't need to!
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    H&R, u definately got more than we did. NOT going anywhere. Hunkered down, got a hot shower & tv & computer back, now that powers on again. Be careful coming home tomm from LI. Yeah HD pizza rolls on grill. LUV it. Like I said Tapas night. Was to 2 b pigs in blanket & pizza rolls for difficult child, homemade stuffed mushrooms & artichoke & hot spinach dip. No power equals the grill here. Made all in am & did dishes. Grill worked well. Wish generator had!! Grill heated all perfectlly..
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    I almost feel like I am holding my breath, about 25% of my town is without power ~ we have ours. I actually needed to shovel; just did the end of the driveway, where the plow had pushed up a wall of heavy, wet snow.

    I'm also in southeast CT, not all that far from the shore. I think the amounts of snow that have fallen in various parts of the are wildly variably. All in all tho, it's hard to believe this is happening in October.
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    H sent me pics of our yard, omg. We got about a foot all in all, wet heavy stuff like you mentioned, Chris. Yuck! And we also are still without power. easy child must havevfroze without her heated blanket, lol. Oh well, I'll be heading back up tp Snowman's Land later today...I hope it's begun to melt by then and our power has ben restored! This is just too darned early! Jal, your grilled delicacies sound delish! I may be doing the same for dinner tonight.
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    Hope you all fared OK in the NE! I gre up on LI and I don't recall EVER having snow before Halloween - at least not like this. Maybe a flurry, but nothing more.

    Stay warm and safe!
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    CT is a mess this morning. My town did not get tons of snow, but we got a significant amount = 4"-6." I need to shovel thru the end of our driveway, where the town plows pushed up walls of snow.

    I hear that there are more folks without power, here in CT, than during Irene. Knock on wood, I have power.

    For any of my CD friends who would like to see how we're faring, here is a reliable link: NBC Connecticut - Local News, Weather, Traffic, Entertainment, Events, Breaking News Connecticut News, Sports, Weather, and Traffic Keep in mind, that various parts of CT got hit in varying degrees. altho. The governor has been keeping residents updated, as to the aftermath and where to go if you need help/warmth/etc
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    Stay warm and safe, NE folks.
    This is just the beginning of the season.
    Look on the bright side: the heavy wet stuff is the best kind to make snowmen and forts.
    Although surely it will melt this wk.
  11. hearts and roses

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    Well it only too me five hours, but I made it home, in the dark, skirting trees, wires and cut branches across roads. Shortly after I left LI at around 2 pm, easy child texted me to get some groceries and fill my tank because nothing within 17-25 miles was open. I stopped somewhere and finally found a town that wasn't that bad...this was my third try and had to take multiple detours just to get back on the highways, ugh. Then I took the rural route all the way home - lots of detours, it really was intense! My neighborhood is destroyed!! No power, no phones, even cellular service is spotty. difficult child and her boyfriend had to drive 25 miles out to find diesel for the generator. They're on their way here to spend the night. My boss called and said our building hasn't any power either, the servers are all down. Some reports say it could take a week or more! I've never seen it this bad here before, really NOT happy with Mother Nature's dirty work tonight. on the other hand, thank God we at least have a generator, many do not. And also thank goodness it's october and not January! Well, that is it, over and out for now. Jal, I hope you're doing okay!
  12. Hound dog

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    Glad you made it home safely and also glad you have a generator! Oh, my! A week?? wow!