Curses, spells and hex upon husband/SO....a rant


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I've noticed a lot of frustration lately towards husband's and or SO's and it got me thinking. Keep in mind this is in no way directed towards or about anyone in particular, just a rant in general.

So husband/SO, you say you don't understand why difficult child is acting like this? Well, how about you take the time to get involved with appointments, the many school meetings, medications, bedtimes, monitering of activities, etc. Yes, I understand that you work but guess what? So do I. Or even if I don't, maybe I need a break. Maybe I have things I need to get done or other obligations I need to fulfill and would like a day here and there when I can take the time and do it. Maybe, just maybe, I would like some HELP!

Just because there is someone else handling YOUR child's issues, doesn't mean you can go about your life without getting involved in the "ugly" stuff and only do the "fun" stuff. This whole marriage/relationship thing? It's a two way street Cupcake and I have't seen much traffic lately.

I try to keep you updated on what's going on, what techniques work (and why they work), the latest manipulations being used by difficult child. You say you listen and understand but you don't. Not really. How do I know this? Because on those occasions I can get you to take difficult child somewhere or stay home with difficult child for a day, you act all shocked and surprised because he/she does something completely difficult child-like (that I've told you about). Or for those Ex-husband's who don't think that "MY CHILD" needs to be "drugged" or have all of these ridiculous rules, don't get all surprised, mad and huffy when you don't give them their medications, let them do what they want and then they steal you blind, destroy your house or set the dog on fire. Do you HONESTLY think they do this stuff on purpose or that they WANT to be this way?

People with jobs, such as yourself, have this little perk called vacation. It comes with the job. When do I get mine? When do I get to take some time away to recharge all the while knowing that my child is with someone who has a clue? Unless you get your head out of a particular oriface and get with the program, I'm guessing that time will be never. And guess what? When I'm stressed because I've been dealing with the docs, schools and difficult child, being called names, being told I'm hated, being told I'm a bad parent and it's all my fault.....I'd just as soon set myself on fire and roll naked down the street than have you touch me.

Basically, you need to get with the program or get out of the way. Simple as that. Otherwise, you're not much use and can hinder more than help.

Just my two cents today.


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ummm - yep to all of this. And every time I hear "I never acted that way when I was a kid" it makes me want to smack him. :nonono: It ain't about you husband, it not always is. {{SIGH}}


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Oh how I love your rant! Sometimes I sit there basically with my mouth hanging open AMAZED at what is being said to me about the difficult child's.

It's really come down to complete apathy on their parts. I haven't had a break from this stuff in years. My husband has been out of work for a year and a half and I'm still handling EVERYTHING. The best is when he complains about what's not done, and the behavior of the kids.

Frankly, if it didn't cause an anxiety attack with 2 out of the 3 when I look for a job (most would not believe the meltdowns), I'd have never been laid off 2 years ago!

Thank you for being the more than eloquent voice of what I suspect are many!


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Even better is when the Dad is completely absent from the picture. Refuses to call, give money, help out --------- Did I bring this child into the world ALL by myself??? Somehow I think not! :mad:

I am so fuming mad right now at the X that I have contemplated some horrendous things as payback - yikes! Fortunately for him I only fantasizing - but I do think I will call my lawyer and have him put in jail for the thousands of dollars he owes in child support. Unfortunately that does not mend my difficult child's broken heart that his "Dad does not love him anymore". If only there was a cure for that. Definite curses, spells, and hexes - and more!


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Wait a minute! That looks like something I would post! Have you been spying on my household or reading my mind?

husband and I had a little "chat" about the very same subject here. He's been trying harder to be a more active participant in the management of the bedlam here. Some days he's right on target, some days he misses by a mile. (Sigh). Someday we'll get our act together.


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Here's one my SO said recently "I think (difficult child)has bought in to this too much and uses it to her advantage."!! WHAT advantage?!?! She's a miserable wreck half the time and loses priveledges constantly. And you think she is getting some sort of pleasure out of this?!? You think she's CHOOSING to have tics and panic attacks?! PUH-LEEESE!!!!