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    I'm sure the only people who know what the heck a d-Dimer is are in the medical profession. Sounds more like the name of a rock band to me. This was one of the blood tests I had taken and it has come back elevated. I don't want to worry about one more thing but my mom has done research and tells me that I could have had a blood clot or something. But I don't have breast cancer! I just can't take on one more worry about my health. Can't I do denial? I guess I'll have more testing done but I really don't want to deal with this.
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    I work in the health profession and I've not heard of this before, though I probably should have, after looking it up. Maybe it's a newer test, I dunno.

    So, I did look it up and it has to do with blood clotting factor.....to help diagnose pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, etc. If it's elevated, it's great that they caught this now, to avoid heart attack or one of the above. Don't think of it as having to deal with another health issue. It may be as easy as taking some medication and changing your diet. This is good. When is your next appointment?
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    I don't have much medical experience but I do have a loving extended family that is very funny - I have an Aunt that is a nurse and she is married to my wonderful Italian Uncle. When I asked her if she knew -My Italian Uncle interrupted and said I know exactly what that is -

    d-dimer is what is in d-dining room for turning down d-lights. Viva la Italiano!

    So much for medical explainations ;)

    Hugs & Love & Humor -
    OMG do you SEE why I'm not right?
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    ML...If this has to do with maybe having a blood clot, I am sure they would be rushing you ASAP into the hospital to have some testing.

    Are you out of breath at all? When I had my PE and DVT, I was so out of breath and my blood saturation went down to like 89 percent. They described me as a limp noodle. It was an accurate description.

    The testing they did was a ct scan, ultrasound and a echocardioscan on my heart. Neither was invasive or hurt. I was scared to death that they would and gave them hell...lol. They had to promise me nothing would be done that would hurt me or I wasnt going anywhere with them!

    The treatment was short term course of shots of blood thinner and then I was on warfarin tablets for six months.
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    I'm with Uncle, Star. Thanks ladies, perhaps it will be as simple as having to take an asprin every day or something. I'm not going to worry about it but I will get the follow up tests. I will let you know when I get them scheduled.

    Janet I'm so glad you're ok now :)
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    Well like I said in my first post, if it was really big big important, you would be in the hospital like yesterday.

    When I went limp noodle on them, they were scurrying around like ants around a sugar cookie! Im sitting here thinking...Hey...I cant breathe...give me some room and air! Im sucking on the O2 canula like it was going to produce some magic potion sometime soon and eating chips of ice to keep my mouth wet. LOL. I just wanted everyone to go away so I could sleep..for weeks. Just give me ice, soda and sleep...lol.