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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by 4cooper, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Yesterday was our first day after having clonidine and no allergy medication's. He did fantastic except for about an hour after dinner. He tried to start misbehavior, but after I calmly talked to him he settled down. Last night he woke up again in the middle of the night afraid. I can understand though, because we had horrible storms last night. He got in bed with us and slept the rest of the night. He woke up before me this morning woke me up to turn on the tv and I fell back to sleep and he watched tv quietly. He didn't get into stuff, nothing. He finally woke me back up to tell me he was hungry. I fed him and he's been playing quietly ever since. I feel like I have a completely different child. I don't even know what to say....this is insane. His behavior is just so different!! However, now the dr will want to put him back on xyzal to see if it's the lack of sleep or if it was the allergy medicine causing the problem. :hapydancsmil:
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    It's the usual story of medications.
    There's only three options:
    1) medications do nothing
    2) medications are a total disaster
    3) medications are a miracle

    Sometimes you have to work through 1 & 2 for far too long before you get to 3, and sometimes, nothing fits (right combo of kid and medications can't be found).

    But when it DOES work... it really is night-and-day. And worth it.

    Yes, you will have to re-test the assumptions... it does pay to know. But... can you time that for after school gets out?
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    Fingers crossed that it's a miracle medication! Hey, at least you've gotten one good morning out of it! :)
    Fingers crossed for the allergy medication.
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    Not necessarily. If you feel, deep down in your mommy gut, that the xyzal was a big part of the problem, then you can veto trying it again. Honest and truly you can. But you do have to give it some more time.

    So glad things are looking up!
  5. buddy

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    That's how it worked for us too until puberty hit lol. Still without it he has a much rougher time. Refuse the allergy medication if he is doing alright. It's your choice. Congrats!
  6. So great to hear you have had a great 24 hours. Hope this is the beginning of something great!!
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    Sigh....Well it's night two of half pill and it's 2am where I live and C woke up about 15-20 minutes ago screaming he's scared and is in the livingroom again. I really just don't understand this. At least before the medication's I could get him in bed by 11-12am and I could be asleep by now...and he'd stay asleep all night. I have a serious trust issue of him being the only one awake, due to his incident of running away. I've now been three nights with very little sleep and i'm exhausted and I think i'm getting sick...what to do...what to do...sigh.
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    I haven't had to do this, but... it sounds from earlier posts that you allow co-sleeping, so can you just take him to bed with you for the rest of tonight?

    Longer term... he may need a lock on his door... to keep HIM in. Put up a baby monitor or other form of communication, so he can call you if he wakes up... ??

    I really understand the "lack of sleep" thing... both personally, and with difficult child - only for difficult child, it wasn't lack of SLEEP - but the sleep didn't have the quality necessary.