Day one of husband being gone


husband left for officer school early this morning. I had been the tough one up until this point. This weekend he kept saying that he wanted to push the pause button and just stay in certain moments. I would smile and say don't you start, we are going to be strong through this. Well this morning at the airport, we were sitting at a little table and he pulled me close and started reading his bible to me...the part that was in our wedding vows "where you go I will go...where you lodge I will lodge". I couldn't hold it in any longer. I know it may sound silly because its only 5 weeks that we will be apart. We just stood there holding each other sobbing.
I guess you never know how much you love someone until they aren't there anymore. He is my best friend, the love of my life. Sundays are our days together, I make lunch for us, we read the paper together, I put my head in his lap and he strokes my hair.
Did I say today is only day one?
I have eaten so much junk today. Told my friend that and she said, honey you are compensating for the emotional bond that is now gone. Ugh!
I need to find something to keep me busy on Sundays. All other days of the week are crazy with work, ball games, church.
I just had to let it out.


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I want to say Im sorry but I also want to say how proud I am of both of you. This will be a difficult time for you but you will rise to the occasion I am certain.

I cant say that I understand completely what it is like to have your husband in the military but I can vividly remember when Jamie went to boot. It was the longest 17 weeks of my life!

My advice would be to find a board for families of navy people and get support there. Nothing like having some been there done that advice. You will probably also meet folks who may be living where you will be moving. Might make some new friends that way in advance. Also keep writing to husband...nice upbeat newsy letters. The time will fly by and soon you will see him in that officers uniform and you will be so proud your chest will burst!

By the way...when you write to him, thank him from me for what he is doing. Anchors Away from this former Marine Mom.


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It sounds like you are having a wonderful love affair with your husband, Tinamarie. :smile: Lucky you!

I hope the next 5 weeks go by quickly.



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how wonderfully romantic. I am sorry as I know I like to be with a man and would not like that many weeks alone! at least you know he will be back and better for it.

hmmmm what can you do to surprise him when he gets home>>?


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My husband deploys 2 to 20 weeks at a time for a career. I'm a Guard wife. You can email me anytime you need.
There are alot of spouse message boards out there in cyberland.


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I think Janet had some good advise. Find a support site/group for navy wives. You all have so much in common. My best friend's daughter is the wife of a airforce pilot and I know that she has a great support system. Babysitting, yardwork help, etc.

I think it's wonderful that husband appreciates and loves you so much. I believe he was quoting from the book of Ruth - endearing.