ddd sick for three days sort of

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by llamafarm, Apr 19, 2012.

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    DDD is home for her third day. She has had a bad head cold and a low grade fever. She was all ready for school this morning, just not quite 100% yet, when of course difficult child said just the wrong thing (a perfect button pusing comment, as he planned) and she burst into tears. His constant harrassment can be too much most of the time, but today instead of exploding at him, yelling or storming off all that came was tears. She was just pitiful. So...one more day home with me. I feel for her, especially when she is not feeling great. I guess I am coddling her, but a coddle once in a while is okay, right? Especially when difficult child can be so cruel.
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    difficult children can be very cruel. I'm sorry that she got so upset by difficult child. I hope that she's feeling better.
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    I'm all for the occasional coddle. Hope she's feeling better!
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    I am also all for the occasional coddle. I also believe that if mom's gut says keep the kid home, the kid stays home. thank you is actually unable to tell us when he is sick unless he is going to actually vomit in the next few minutes. I can tell by looking at him if he is sick - it shows. Jess can too, largely because he was her baby and she has always thought of him that way. Not something we asked or wanted her to do, but something she chose to do. I learned that sending a kid to school at the point your daughter is at (just crying at something she would scream at normally) only causes either relapse or extra tme feeling yucky. Keeping the child home that extra day means they are truly able to go and learn when they are n school. It also means they are able to get the makeup work done with-o too much extra stress and if they don't have the time then it is almost insurmountable for them. Esp after a full day of school.

    So keep her home when your instincts say to. Momma knows best.