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  1. MICHL

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    Lately I've been depressed & not sleeping well. difficult child hasn't had a shower in 1 or 2 weeks and it's the usual stuff with him. I am handling him much better and he improving in behavior at school & a bit a home. husband is better at it that I am, thank the Lord. I have the holiday blahs, don't have friends or much of a life, don't like my family much, lately am not even liking happy people, especially those that wear high heels (i'm at work). I'm sorry to unload. and YES i'm even taking an antidepressant, and have been for 16 years, and it's working!
  2. SomewhereOutThere

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    Hey, I know how icky depression feels. Been there mucho times.

    What antidepressant are you on?
  3. MICHL

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    Zoloft... and now Ambien. My depression becomes more intense this time of year, every year it hits me.
  4. smallworld

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    I'm sorry. When there's a seasonal component to depression, sometimes medications need a seasonal adjustment. Or light therapy at this time of year sometimes works. Have you checked in with your psychiatrist?

  5. MICHL

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    Thanks, yes, I some days I do increase the zoloft. If i do it every day I get a slight bit nauseous. I have a full spectrum light at work & now that you mention it i have not been using it, and will start again. I do get lots of exercise also. Just needed to vent I guess.
  6. gcvmom

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    Vent away! I've got the blahs lately, too, for various reasons. It hoovers, but it will pass.
  7. SomewhereOutThere

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    smallmom beat me, but she always does ;)

    I was going to recommend the light too. My medications really do great for my depression so that I don't fall into the bottomless pit anymore, But on more depressed days I make sure I get a lot of light. I don't have the spectrum lights due to cost but would love to get them.

    Exercise is also great. (((Big hugs)))