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Well my grounding myself didn't last. Maybe it would if I weren't in so much emotional pain. I don't feel like I can talk to anyone about my marriage problems or mother in law problems because I don't want to put a wedge between husband and anyone we know. So I guess you guys get all of it. Sorry. mother in law called and said she wouldn't be coming until Sat, so I have a few more days to clean. We only see her once a year and normally it does go well. Everyone is on there best behavior.

Feb. 13th was our aniversary. husband ignored it. Looks like he is going to ignore the 14th too. Some may remember that husband has impulse control issues with the money. He is at it again. He said he'd get his name off the account. He didn't. I looked into it. Thinking if I could find out what needed to be done so it be easier to get him to do it. I found out I'd have to start up a whole new account and close the old account. O.k. The problem is the required $100 deposit. We're poor, really poor; and husband spending right and left plus the bills makes it almost impossible to get $100 saved up to start a new account. (He does have a paypal account that we put monthly spending money into. I wish I had monthly spending money.) Maybe when the tax return comes I can start up a new account.

I'm in so much emotional pain my heart physically hurts. Most of you can probably relate. I just want to crawl back in bed and stay there until I die. I'm kinda numb right now. I'm not even mad yet. I'll probably get mad latter. Thanks for letting me vent.

On a postive note difficult child 2 learned how to shake his head "yes"!!! This has reduced the fits in our apartment considerably.


I'm sorry you are hurting so much right now.

Sending gentle hugs your way.


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:crying: I'm so sorry. It sounds like you are between a rock and a hard place.Sending hugs.

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Sending some more hugs too...I'm so sorry you feel so isolated but I'm glad that you at least have a place to unload. Many gentle hugs~take care of you.

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I'm wondering if my husband had a twin I don't know about.:rolleyes:

I know how rough it can be. With raising the money for a new account tough right now you can do 2 things that I can think of. 1. Pay everything you normally pay with checks with money orders. (paying each as soon as the money comes in to pay them) or 2. Start bank shopping. Not all banks require that high of deposit to start a new account. Look into accounts with minimum frills.

I had to take all money from husband to get him to get a grip on his spending habits. He never had cash on him , and I paid everything via money orders as soon as each paycheck came in. It was a royal PITA. But it finally showed husband how his spending habits had been killing our finances for years.
I gradually let him start to have some cash, then eased him into the banking, and much later back into paying bills.

But husband had agreed to all of the above. It was that or a divorce. I'd had it at the time. I had to do it with money orders because anyone on an account can write a counter check on that account. And husband would constantly do that to me. There were checks bouncing all over town.

I still watch him. But he hasn't done too bad.

I'm so sorry. I know how much it hurts, all the way around.



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Hugs from me too. Money orders are a great idea. No time for cash to be withdrawn before checks clear. My husband and I had an interest only mortgage for 2 years. Bad idea. when it was over our payment went up $1,000.00...yup you read right. We now get a weeky money order made out to the Mortgage company for 1/4 of the payment, then at the end of the month send all 4. If we tried to save that much money every month, we would inevitably (sp) take from it for one thing or another.