difficult child 17 very destructive to house, etc

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    What can be done (California) with difficult child 17 who breaks everything in house. Almost half the doors have huge holes in them, and last night another hole and hole in wall, and in a rage he broke some other things. I don't think police will do much but talk to him, been there done that.
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    I suspect they wont do much either, or at least not the things that will make a difference if his diagnosis are correct...but maybe? When my son increases these behaviors, I think medications right away. It is often many things, but medications are the biggest issue. I started routinely driving my son to the psychiatric hospital (we have a crisis center and it is nice but not fun....they have been really good so far) and Q is starting to not want to go there...ahhhh finally, he is getting it that I wont allow the aggression to happen. Everything in his world stops too...he has to stay with me and go everywhere with me if we leave at all. I often do leave because his having a rage at home in our town home complex gains lots of attention for him.

    Some here say that they make their kids repair the holes. I'd include at his age that he has to pay for the repair.

    Do you think it is time for out patient intensive or inpatient or maybe even a residential stay to do a medication wash and see if medications need to be changed? Can you get doors made of solid wood? or Metal? Wont help with the walls but could protect the doors. Again, he may need to pay for those in some way, either cash or working it off.

    Is he doing this at your house or husband's house or both places? Does he have anything to say afterwards? Is he sorry or does he recognize that he is doing something unacceptable? Is he out of school for the summer? Too much unstructured time?

    Just throwing ideas out, they may be totally off....just a brain storm session....

    Sorry he is at that level, my son has done damage too but not to that level. I hope you can find some ideas and answers....

    HUGS, Dee
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    Have you thought of residential treatment if she is violent? Nobody should have to live that way and she can get more help if she is in a treatment center?
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    He has been going thru a medication change from abilify to seroquel, and there was an increase to the S, there has been an increase in agitation & violence since the increase. I left a message for psychiatrist. I don't the seroquel is going to work... He trialed it many years ago and didn't work then.
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    When it works it is great, but for my son both Risperdal and Seroquel resulted in horrible rages and aggression. On seroquel, he was stronger at around 50 lbs than he is now at 141, he actually trapped me in a car by pulling on my seatbelt and I couldn't unlatch it....he pulled the keys out of the ignition as we were driving.... it was awful. One day off of it, he was back to normal.

    Glad you are calling the doctor, it is so scary. Weird thing, Q is now on zyprexa and though in the same class, he is doing much better on it. k n o c k w o o d.
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    My son was on Risperdal for a month......It was abselute hell! He became so aggressive, we couldn't even pass near him, then he would lash out, physicly!
    Hope you get feedback from doctor soon!
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    There's only three options with medications...
    1) they work - usually if they work at all, they work fairly well to almost miracle
    2) they don't work
    3) total disaster

    And... which medication falls into which category for which person is... unknown until you try.

    We got lucky.
    First stimulant - worked, all we've done is change formulations
    First AD - worked
    First AP - worked - and don't you dare suggest dropping it, or you'll be runnin' for your life from an irate difficult child... 'cause HE knows what he was like before the AP... and after... and there's no question which side of the fence he wants to be on.
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    psychiatrist was out til tomorrow, but nurse said to lower Seroquel from 75 to 50 mg and he's still on 22.5 abilify. Thanks for the replies
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    update on Seroquelp - so after increased aggression & agitation after increase to 75mg seroquel (while transitioning off abilify), Dr. says to keep it at 75mg and not decrease it, because his agitation is transititional due to the increase or words to that effect (per husband). Does this make any sense?? I like this psychiatrist but sometimes i don't know where she is coming from. Any advice? TIA
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    Just from our experience in general, there have been some medications where for just a short while when the dose was changed, we had mood and behavior problems. That's why among other reasons, I always prefer to do a change over a break. My son always acts up when we increase his seizure medication. For us it goes away within a week. But the reaction from seroquel was insane. Huge rages and terrible aggression. Going off it ended most of it after a day off of the medication. Just keep close track. Follow your gut.