difficult child 2 is coming home tonight!

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    I'm so very happy and a nervous wreck all at the same time! This will be the first time all 3 of the kids will be at home together in over a month because difficult child 1 and difficult child 2's hospital stays overlapped each other. The hospital wanted to keep him another couple of days but the Teacher at the hospital had already arranged for the Autism Specialist and the Easy Child Coordinator from the County to be at our school tomorrow to work with him and the recommendations from the hospital so they can figure out what to do. EEEEKKKKK!

    I have 2 worries about tomorrow...1st: I'm afraid difficult child 2 will go into a "honeymoon" period and act all perfect making the so called specialists think everything at the school is fine, which it is not! 2nd: I'm afraid difficult child 2 will immediately regress to his agressiveness because he has already developed an aversion to the administrators and teachers at the school (we've just been there since Jan). Personally, I feel like we need to start fresh, at a new school, using all the new recomendations so that they can make things clear from the get-go and not give him a chance to think he can throw a chair and get sent home. UGH, I don't know....I just needed to vent I guess.

    Meanwhile, I'm now homeschooling difficult child 1 for the rest of the year because after he was discharged, he refused to go back to school! And with the problems with difficult child 2, I just didn't feel it was worth fighting over and wanted to make a quick decision so as to not waste too much time. So far it's going pretty well actually, hoping it will last. I think his medications have really made a difference now, he's calmer, is able to regain control of himself quicker when he does get mad and no more reports of "voices" in the last week. Whew! (for now anyways, lol!)

    Ok, I'm off to start my day. I need a nap already!
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    You sure have a lot on your plate. I hope all goes well with the homecoming. It is scary and exciting at the same time. Hugs going out to you tonight.