The school system has been pushing difficult child 2 through with straight A's in english even though he can't spell and uses spelling words incorrectly in sentences, uses inappropriate punctuation if he bothers to use any at all, and can't "think outside of the box" when asked for thoughts on reading materials.

The other night difficult child 2 had to go to the high school to pick his classes for September. The kids are given their required classes and it is predetermined whether they are in regular or honors classes. They are only allowed to pick certain electives. difficult child 2 was put into honors english!!! :hammer:

I'm sure he'll enlighten his class in September with a brillant essay on why he loves Curious George... :rofl: :hammer: :rofl:

I guess I just needed to vent a little. I've definitely got my work cut out for me:warrior:!!! Now I just need to purchase a helmet so I don't crack my head open from banging it into a brick wall so many times... Thanks for listening... WFEN


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Can't you talk to the guidance counselor and explain that difficult child would probably have a difficult time in honors English? It might not be the best idea to let him try to take it? How can he get A's if he is having such difficulty?


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I'm sure he'll enlighten his class in September with a brillant essay on why he loves Curious George...

I just had to chuckle. sounds like my son.

Our school is working along the same lines. Private school..my easy child's went here Prek-8th.

difficult child has been here a little over a year. Does not complete his assignemnts..forgets to turn them in and forget even doing any of his AR reading(he has failed four of nine tests) but his progress report came home yest. his lowest grade was a 77 in reading. His math is a nightmare and it was in the eighties. I don't get it.

Our school works a lot on trust. Big issue for difficult child. So he misgrades his papers or they only count that the work is complete not the content. We resigned ourselves that it is not worth the expense. He is not benefitting from being here. We are exploring other schools and are up for another round of testing(school district..the ins co no longer testing for learning disabilities.)

I hope your difficult child is not getting set up for failure. It is so hard, I think they struggle with wanting to do what is right but not actually being able to put it into practice.

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I'm glad you are able to have a sense of humor about this-I had to chuckle at your helmet comment. I agree with Oceans-could you call and talk to a guidance counselor?

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Gotta appreciate your sense of humor in this situation. I hate the "push the kid" through attitude. In our SD a child with an IEP is never ever failed or kept back a grade. Even if it's in the best interests of the child's education.

by the way, will you share the essay on Curious George - looking forward to reading it. :smile:
I want to thank all of you for letting me vent!!!

Oceans and Sharon, I definitely plan on having difficult child 2 removed from honors english. I think whether or not a student is placed in honors classes is done by computer. On paper, difficult child 2 looks like a model student.

It is sad but our SD is similar to Linda's in the sense that students on IEPs are never kept back. I think difficult child 2 is given all A's based on his effort rather than on his actual ability. Also, difficult child 2 has violent outbursts if he receives anything less than an A. I'm currently doing everything I can think of :warrior: to make the SPED director and staff put difficult child 2 on an appropriate BIP and actually use it. This isn't easy as we live in a very poor SD. Staff look the other way instead of confronting a problem and helping the student because of the lack of funds.

Di, I hope you find an appropriate school for your difficult child. It is so sad that your insurance company no longer tests for learning disabilities. My insurance company won't pay for this type of testing either.

Linda, I'de be happy to share the Curious George essay with you and everyone else who would like to join us. :smile: :rofl: :smile: We could make an evening out of it complete with :smile: and snacks. I think this calls for margueritas, salsa and chips. I'll bring enough for everyone. WFEN