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    difficult child 1 finally got the call today from case worker. So far she is handling it well that they are supposedly not continuing care. I don’t think she gets it yet. We will see tomorrow at court.
    Interestingly husband just cleaned out all of her clothes that are here to send back with her to go through and either get rid of what she doesn’t want or deal with them there. He is getting ready to do that with her stuff stored in the basement also. This intrigues me as I am the one that normally makes this type of thing happen after long nagging however he got this bug and started taking care of it on his own.
    I think he might be trying to prepare himself for the inevitable. More of an update on this situation after court. It isn’t until afternoon so if you all could send some good thoughts towards Iowa around 2 or so that would be lovely.

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    Sending good thoughts your way all day. Keep us posted.

    P.S. You are not a dork. ;)
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    Beth, I can hardly keep up with all you are dealing with, as far as both of your GFGg go.

    I am so very sorry. Sending lots of hugs, heartfelt prayers, and an unlimited supply of strength to draw from.