difficult child 3 dentist appointment.

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    Ughhh we did not even make it in the back. When I talked to them on the phone I told them about my son and his issues. Then some other lady is there and she has no clue. Any ways how do you handle the dentist.
  2. TerryJ2

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    The first time was the easiest and hardest at the same time. difficult child had never been, so he didn't know whether to be afraid.
    *I* was a wreck, doing the "what-if" thing.
    He was fine. I heard the dentist saying, "This is going to tickle a little bit ..."

    My son did freak out once at the dr's ofc though, when he had to get a shot. He ran down the hall and hid. The dr and nurse didn't know what to make of it. Plus, we were the last ones there and they really wanted to go home.
    The good part was that someone finally believed me ...

    I would not make a big deal out of it. Just say, "We're going to the dentist, and then pick up some detergent at the store."
    Make it as normal as possible.
    Fingers crossed!
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    I line up big giant rewards. A small one for each step of the Dentist visit and a giant one for successful completion. (and Yes I've included candy in such rewards)
    I make sure the dentist's office uses nitrous oxide and wold have no problem using is for the "simple" stuff if necessary. If you have to pay extra for this, you have to pay extra.

    Do NOT yourself or let the Dentist say something will tickle or won't hurt when you know darn well it will. That will only feed anxiety and mistrust. Worst case scenario, some practices still use papoose boards. *I* was traumatized with the use of one on DD1. The problem was that it was NOT necessary. If they had just let me back with her, she would have been fine. Her problem was that she was scared of THEM not the procedures.