difficult child#3 suicidal...


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This is part of an email I got from foster mom about difficult child#3.

Thursday night I had to have extended therapy and have the therapist call
in the evening. she had a complete meltdown, talking suicide, etc. She was
extremely out of control. she seems better now but I am keeping a close eye
on her.

This started as a result of her dad being upset with her and the current situation,(her being in foster care because of her hostile and violent behavior)difficult child#3 thinks she is coming home after court date of 5/16. Her therapist is going to recommend she stay in foster care. We haven't even started family therapy yet. I thought we would be receiving all these services and support from DSS, but it seems they are very slow to do anything. We are still in the 45 day assessment stage with the DSS social worker developing a service plan. DSS offers a Family Stabilization Team to come to our house 2 nights a week...but get this...they don't start until the child is returned home. Now how absurd is that???? We need family therapy before we can even begin to think about her coming home. I am frustrated and now with this talk of suicide, I feel worse. And so she continues to blame everything on ME. Despite who is causing her pain or discomfort, in her mind, difficult child#3 thinks it is my fault.
One of the things she told foster parents was that now her dad is mad at her, and her mom(me)doesn't want her home so she has no reason to live. I am mailing out a card letting her know that although things are hard right now, I do love her very much. I told her that she is my daughter, my baby girl, and there is nothing she can do or say that would ever make me stop loving her. I don't expect anything from her. I just want her to know it.
difficult child#2 sees a new therapist on Monday. He has not seen a therapist in over 4 years. I thought it was a good idea, but today he asked me,"what should I talk about". I told him anything he would like to talk about. I told himn that she may start by asking him some questions and go from there.

Thanks for letting me vent. It's been a long day. I just got back from birthday party for friend of difficult child#1. A house full of 5 yr. old boys hitting a pinata, eating cake, and candy...Yikes!

Goodnight. Peaceful thoughts for you all.



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I'm really sorry for her and for you. I wish social services was more efficient. I don't know what to say so I'll just offer hugs.

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Nancy - I'm sorry that difficult child is in such a bad place. I'm glad that foster mum got difficult child the help needed.

Sending positive thoughts for a better day ahead.