difficult child 4 months clean today


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I mentioned this in another post in the parent emeritus section, but I wanted to make sure to mention it on this section also. My difficult child is celebrating his 4 month clean anniversary today. He was going to a meeting with his new sponsor this morning to get his chip!!
I'm very very proud of him. :bravo:


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Wahooooooooo, Karen! That's AWESOME !

Congrats to difficult child ... and to you for hanging in there. I know how hard that is.

Hugs to you both,


Wanted to add my congrats to both of you. As said above, every minute, every time he overcomes that feeling is a win. Think I'd be buying him a gift every day if mine could stay clean for even a few days. Enjoy!


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OTE: I did buy him two pairs of shoes yesterday. I forgot it was his anniversary when I was buying them :smile: Does it still count?? :smile:

His sponsor got out of work late yesterday morning. He usually picks him up bright and early for a meeting, but he missed yesterday. He will go today and get his anniversary chip. :bravo: