difficult child actually did somethng responsible!!!

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    For any other child or any other parent, this would not even be a blip on the radar. But we ARE talking about difficult child here.

    This a.m., I got up at 5:30. Made turkey bacon and tea. difficult child was awakened by husband, given his pill. Got dressed, packed up his stuff, ate, went out the door between 6:15 and 6:20. husband never saw him in the kitchen.
    "Why did difficult child leave so early?" husband said.
    "I don't know."
    "Well, he left his phone behind. Turn off the Internet and lock your office. I'll bet he plans to sneak home and play on the computer all day."
    Panic ensues. I drive down the street. No bus. Did it leave early? Can't call difficult child ... his phone is at home. He is attached to it like an umbilical cord. WTH?
    In my mind, I am planning to call the police and have his b*typical teen hauled in for truancy.

    My cell phone rings. Strange #. It's difficult child. "I left my phone at home. I didn't charge it. This is a friend's phone."
    "Oh. Where are you?"
    "On the bus."
    "Why are you calling me?"
    "Because I thought you might want to know that I don't have my phone.":mornincoffee:

    husband, when I call him back, says, "He's probably at someone's house in the neighborhood. How do we know he's telling the truth?"
    "Well, there was a lot of noise in the background like he's on a bus, and I left a msg with-the attendance person to call me back."
    "That's what I was going to suggest. But we've believed everything else he's said and look where that got us."

    The attendance lady calls back. difficult child is there. :yess:

    I pick him up at school at 2:05 to take him to therapy (NILD). He is there.:wootsmiley:

    He asks what the problem was this a.m. I explain that he has a very bad history and we were very worried about him, and also thought he may have skipped school to stay home and play video games like he did last yr.
    He actually listened and didn't argue.:wootsmiley:

    Then I said, "Since you've been in school two weeks, and have been on time, and have been doing much better than you have in previous years, I think you should get a reward. Maybe sushi?"

    "And, I've been doing my homework and oh, I forgot to mention, one of my friends wants me to join ROTC."

    OMG, this is my son??????

    I told him that if he thought he could handle the schedule, it would be fine. All he had to do was wear a uniform and show up. But then it turns out he'd have to drop an elective, and he's already filled them with-computer electives.
    That's his strong point.

    Hmmm. Maybe there's hope? Maybe the fear of juvie is doing the trick? Maybe he's maturing? Maybe it's something in the water ...
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    Terry that his HUGE!!! Wow! And not jumping on you when you explained why you did what you did this morning. A major major thing. I know most people with typical teen wouldn't understand. But he definitely deserves sushi! Hugs. And fingers pretzeled that it continues.
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    This is a HUGE victory! Congrats to difficult child on showing signs of maturity (said quietly so I don't jinx it).
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    Oh my word! Have the aliens replaced him with a clone? Would they do that for difficult child 1 too?
  6. TeDo

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    Who cares what it is?!? TAKE IT WHEN YOU CAN GET IT!!! Hope it continues (even with the occasional glitch here and there). It's stories like this that give me hope!
  7. InsaneCdn

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    There is hope. Absolutely.
    Is this the final bend in the road? Not likely... but, it is such a HUGE step forward, that the occasional step back isn't a problem, might even be necessary.
  8. TerryJ2

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    I agree. :)

    husband and I are thinking it's the lithium ... once he gets deeper into this Occupational Therapist (OT) class, it should really help other issues, as well. FINALLY! And husband is now on the same page with-NILD. Last night he commented that we should have done it before when difficult child was about 5. YA THINK???????????
    I'm trying to be happy and not resentful of all the time wasted in the past. I'm sure you've all been there done that.

    by the way, difficult child broke up with-his new girlfriend already!!! Yay! He said she was always yelling, taking things personally and taking forever to get over them, and not good at forgiving. I almost bit my tongue in half, trying not to say, "She's acting like you've acted most of your life.Now you know how it feels!"
    I said, "You need someone who is FUN. You are young and shouldn't have to worry about taking care of other people or their moods."

    "I know," he said. "I just say yes to the first person who comes along."

    OMG, introspection, too??? I'm going to have heart failure!
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    Welcome to phase II of GFGdom. I'm there, too.
    Things are, in general, moving UP... and I keep waiting for the next DOWN.
    It's a really strange feeling, and yet - we just did another turnaround on a DOWN.
    Still have to keep on our toes.

    But we ARE really, really glad for signs of hope.
    For one thing, it is assurance that we are at least finally getting some right: answers, dxes, accommodations, interventions and/or medications.

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    Awesome! DDD
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    That's my TerryJ2 difficult child! I am so proud of him! He is maturing! Also electives that he enjoys helps a lot in building self esteem. He must be starting to feel more confident in a good way! Making sure to keep you in the loop about what is going on is great!
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    Excellent! It is a huge step! Way To Go difficult child!
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    Great news! One good thing if he's willing to drop a computer class and take JROTC (at my son's school it's not wear a uniform and show up class - they actually have a retired Lt Col and Master Sgt who co-teach and it's a regular class with homework and tests, etc. Uniforms are worn on Wed or Thur, whenever you have class and it you forget, you have to wear it on Friday or you can an F on a quiz grade, an A for wearing it on your assigned day, and a C for wearing it on Friday).

    Anyway, the great thing about JROTC is that they have behavior standards that apply to his entire high school experience. If he doesn't uphold the behavior standards, he's out. And, good grades mean higher rank and more metals! A great incentive!

    Glad to hear the school year has started on such a positive note!

  14. TerryJ2

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    Thank you all. Fingers crossed!
    Right now he's got a bad cold. Must be fall ...