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    This special teacher who has been helping difficult child is wonderful. She likes him, always has and he helps her Cater events. She originally asked me if difficult child could stay after school with her since she tutors another boy in his class twice a week.

    Well, that has turned into every night AND on the weekend.

    When I logged onto school yesterday difficult child had MORE missing work than he did the previous day. I sent an email to the teacher and asked if he is not doing work, not turning it in or losing it. I told her he had more missing work than the previous day.

    She then sent me an email. The previous day she called and talked to my older son. (I was sleeping) She told easy child that she can no longer stay with difficult child. He was doing things she asked him to stop doing. He was disrespectful, told her to shut up...in front of other teachers. She said she could not allow him to talk to her like that. She said she actually sat in her car and cried for ten minutes because she felt so bad about how he treated her.

    easy child never passed on that information. I guess trying to protect him. He went to school to pick him up and he wouldn't come out.

    difficult child did call this teacher that night and apologize. Teacher said she was not mad at him. He is working really hard on many issues and he just had a little set back. Everyone has a bad day. She stayed with him 1.5 hours last night.

    I talked to difficult child last night and he said he knows and asked me how he can fix it. Well, you can't. I told him all he can do is show her that all her time and kindness paid off. I told him to do his best and finish his work.

    I asked her at one time if I owe her anything for helping. She said no. Last night difficult child said the other boy's mom pays her to tutor.

    What can I do now? Get her a gift card and thank you card? difficult child said she doesn't like gift cards, but she loves to cook. (caters) Anything to do with cooking. What do you think if I get a gift card to a grocery store? She has a family and has to eat. Plus she could buy her cooking supplies... What do you all think?
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    I think a gift card for something food related sounds great. Is there a gormet grocery store in your area or a Williams and Sonoma? W&S has great cookware and utensils. Or maybe a gift certificate for a massage or something like that. Dealing with kids all the time would be enough to need one! LOL

    I'm sorry that difficult child pulled that with her but it's good that he realized it and apologized after. Hopefully he can get more of his work done and show her what he can do.