difficult child and easy child Started School This Morning

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Bunny, Sep 4, 2012.

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    difficult child was surprisingly calm. The only thing that he was worried about was that he didn't have a map of the school (he carries a school map and his schedule in his pocket all year long, even though he doesn't look at it after the second week or so). I suggested that he go to the guidance office and see if he can get one there and he thought that was a good idea, so I never heard another word about it. He left for the bus stop and his friend was walking to the bus stop, too, so they walked together. He didn't even have a fit about having to start school and walk to the bus stop in the pouring rain!

    I got easy child's teacher assignment the other day and I honestly could not be happier with who he go. difficult child had this same teacher when he was in first grade (easy child is starting 3rd) and she is perfect for him. Actually, I think that any kid would do well with this teacher. If I could have had her follow difficult child through the remainder of his elementary school years, I would have! easy child knows who she is because she taught first grade when he was in first, so he's at least familiar with her. He told me this morning that he was nervous about starting school because he was afraid that he would have trouble with the work, but I assured him that his teacher would do everything she could to help him, and that we were going to get have the evaluations done and we would be able to get to the bottom of everything. He seemed okay and was excited when it was time to leave for the bus stop, despite the pouring rain.

    All in all, a good start to the first day. May they all start this well.
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    Crossing body parts it all goes well and they come home in a wonderful mood with nothing but great things to say!!! Oh, and no homework!!
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    Hope all went well today:)
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    The first day went well for both of them, except for difficult child's locker. Apparently the school painted all of the lockers in the H wing (where difficult child's locker is) and between the wet paint and the humidity here, most of the lockers were stuck and could not be opened. And you know how heavy those back packs are on the first day of middle school because you bring everything in with you. Most of the kids had to lug around their back packs and all of their supplies all day long, bring it all home, and bring it all back into school this morning. difficult child managed to snag a janitor, who managed to get his locker opened, but he told difficult child not to put anything into it and to leave it open, and that they would be dealing with this as soon as the kids were released from school yesterday. So, hopefully he can get his stuff put away this morning.

    easy child was pretty happy with the kids in his class and his class in general. He said that he thought that Mrs. H was going to be a "great" teacher and he seems pretty excited in general about the new school year.

    All in all, a good start to the new school year (homework and all)!
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    Sounds like the kids did really well.

    Sorry (and funny) about the stuck lockers.

    My difficult child doesn't get a locker for 2 more wks. And the AC wasn't working. I started to rant at the dinner table. "WTH? It's not like the school admin didn't know that school started this week! What is their problem???" husband of course waved me off, since we were eating and he likes it calm at the table.

    I hope your year goes well.