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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Kjs, Mar 13, 2011.

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    Does that combination work? difficult child is now driving. He is also job hunting. As much as I want him to work, I am leary. He is doing well now, but that could change in a split second. It is hard enought to get a job, but to get one if you have been fired would be harder. Just wondering if difficult child's get a job, does it work out? Do the difficult child's understand they have to behave? Especially difficult child's with mouths....like mine.
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    i have no clue but i'll keep my fingers crossed for him!! driving and job hunting great!
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    Miss KT worked for our children's pastor for several years; but he was accepting of some difficult child-ness and was interested in learning more in order to serve all the kids more effectively. She lasted less than two days working as a receptionist. I figure it's like everything else; she'll tick someone off somewhere down the line, and that will be the end of the job. She'll either figure it out or she won't.
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    I think everyone should try to see where they can find their fit. Some kids are too disabled to work but most arent. Most will eventually find a place they can fit in.
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    I guess it depends on the difficult child and what issues the deal with. For my difficult child, his biggest hurdles will be his lack of social skills (gotta make eye contact and carry on conversation at a job interview) and his "sense of entitlement". A challenge for sure.

    Identifying a passion and finding something in that field is key, I believe.

    Good luck to your difficult child in his job search.

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    I don't know how well it would work. I would think they would have to try it, and if they fail hopefully they will learn from it. I know for my difficult child money is a huge motivator, so if that is how it is for your difficult child maybe it will be ok. There are many challenges to working, but untill they try you never know how it will go.
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    Wow... I don't know.

    Onyxx is chomping at the bit to get a job. I figure either she'll "get it", or she will get fired. (I know she wants the money... But having to wait a week for a paycheck, and losing all that time with her friends...)
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    Interestingly, while it took Billy quite a long time to actually get a job, he is doing extremely well in retail sales which I would have never thought would be a job for a person with any sort of aspie tendencies. I think having him under my mothers wings for so long actually stunted his growth because she didnt want him to be social or do normal things like get a part-time job. She tried desperately to get him to quit school in his senior year but we put our foot down and brought him back up here to actually graduate but she rushed him straight back down there with her the minute he graduated. We had a job lined up for him for that summer working with Tony to help him lose some of his weight and then he would have gone straight into college in the fall but she would have none of it. Instead it took another two years until she got so sick. Billy didnt have the umph to stand up for himself.

    But now, Billy has had three retail jobs. First one wasnt much, just working the lay-away dept at Xmas but the other two were better. He worked almost a year up in VA at a 7-11 and then came down here and got on with Radio Shack. He has been there almost 3 years now and they may offer him a managers position in the next couple of weeks.
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    I'm waiting to find out the answer to this question, too...

    difficult child wanted to find a summer job a while back and began to call around. I was STUNNED (although I guess I shouldn't have been) at how completely rude she was to these people she was asking to hire her.

    She's had the chance to help out at a couple of stables in the area, and same thing - lazy, rude, entitled.

    This summer, she says she intends to apply at fast-food restaurants. If she can get past the interview process, we'll see how she does....
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    That's exactly what I'm thinking. I remember dressing up for my interview at Pizza Hut. I remember telling the guy - I've never had a job before, but I'll do my best!

    ...I was there for 2 years... First job.
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    This is another area I am shocked at in today's world of difficult child's. Like I have said over and over, I was a huge difficult child...even a very spoiled difficult child who really could have probably manipulated enough money out of my parents that I wouldnt have had to work, I wanted to work as soon as I possibly could. I scoured everywhere. I didnt want to work fast food so I got a job at the mall working in a cookie shop and then my next jobs were at gas stations pumping gas. All my friends worked even though we were difficult child's. It didnt take us a month of Sunday's to get the jobs or figure out how to do it either. I know we were all working all through HS. We were busy little difficult child bee's...lol.