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    We've been getting quite a few calls from difficult child lately while he is at school. He is calling from the nurse's office that he doesn't feel well, can we come get him? Then we talk to the nurse. He usually is tired and has a headache. We know he has been sleeping in class some.

    Yesterday afternoon husband did go and pick him up. husband said when he got there difficult child was sleeping and he slept much of the way home.

    A little while later, he was feeling fine.

    Yesterday his math teacher was trying desperately trying to get in touch with us. She left a message on my cell, on husband's cell, and reached me at home(then when I got to school this morning I found that she tried reaching me there as well). She said that difficult child is not trying hard in math class right now. This teacher is the same one that grabbed difficult child by the shirt that one day. She is someone who should truly not be teaching anymore. Still, we expect him to work hard and try his best.

    She said he is falling asleep and saying he has headaches almost every day. She is trying to teach him multiplying fractions. I know my difficult child well and there is no way he is understanding the concept. He is using a caluclator but I wish he was learning some of his basic facts.

    Today we received another call that he wasn't feeling well and wanted me to come get him. Thankfully the nurse agreed he didn't really need to go home. After school he did fall asleep on the way home but was then fine.

    Really, I'm not sure what is going on. And, now on top of all of this I was in line at the grocery store and difficult child's principal called me on my cell. I was next up to have my groceries checked so she just said difficult child had a rough day and she would call me tonight. It's almost 8:00 now and she hasn't called yet!

    I'm trying to figure out if he is experiencing anxiety about math and thus the headaches, is he faking it? Is he getting recurring migraines? He used to get stomach migraines about the same time every day (a few years ago) where he would vomit every night at the same time-maybe this is like this only with headaches. Then again, there is the sleeping thing and he can't fake that.

    Keep your fingers crossed we can figure out what is going on with difficult child at school. It's been such a good school year and don't want things to start going bad.
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    I don't have migraines but I do find that sleeping/napping tends to help the headaches I do get. Has he been using his CPAP?
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    Has he been checked by a doctor about the headaches?

    Here's an article from epilepsy.com:


    I find it interesting that for some seizures, the only sign is a headache. If you haven't already, perhaps it's worth a visit to a neuro...

    And often people are sleepy after seizures... his fatigue makes me even more suspicious.
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    Does he have advil, or headache medication at school? difficult child has headaches daily. He does go some days without taking anything. Just knowing it is in the office helps. However atleast 3 times a week he is in the office for advil or excedrin. About once a month it is really bad and we need to pick him up for tylenol #3. that is down from once a week and ending up in ER.

    Before we had the medicine at school he would call daily. He would want to come home. Tired and headache. Now I tell him not to call unless it is a migrane and if he is throwing up! don't want to sound mean but he needs to stay at school.

    Hope difficult child feels better. It is so hard not knowing how to help him.
    If you find the answer, post it - as I am always looking for new ideas in dealing with the very same issues. PLUS some.
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    TM-No CPAP yet-our insurance refused to pay it and we're waiting to hear if Medicaid will cover it-I really hope so.

    GVCmom-We haven't taken him to a doctor yet about the headaches, they've started just recently in this last month. Thanks for the interesting link about seizures and headaches. If it continues we will definitely take him in!

    Still no call from the principal-hopefully I can get in touch with her today before our staffing for difficult child.
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    Kjs-The nurse has given him some Ibuprofen-we signed a slip in the beginning of the year. Usually he says that helps. by the way, I don't think you sound mean at all-I think it's the perfect response!
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    Ask him to request his headache medication at the very first sign of a headache. He may be waiting until it is a full headache before reporting it. I told my difficult child that at this point he is allowed to have the medications when he feels the first twinge. He does not have to wait to see if it amounts to anything or not. The bigger the pain gets, the harder it is to get rid of.
  8. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    A lot like husbands and difficult child's... :p
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    Andy-Good idea on taking the medications at the first sign of a headache.


    I did finally talk with difficult child's principal about his rough day on Tuesday. Apparently it has more to do with his falling asleep lately and not seeming himself than with misbehaviors. However, difficult child did tell me he hit someone today who took something from his locker. Of course, we had the talk that it still wasn't appropriate. Ugh.
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    i'm sorry to hear about the sudden headaches and sleepiness. I'm guessing medications haven't changed recently right?

    I bet your relieved you heard from the principle though. It's so stressful when your just trying to do chores, etc. and you get that dreaded call from the school. i think i jump each time my cell rings during the day.

    anxiety can cause exhaustion also i have learned especially if their anxiety reaches a really high level than they come down and it's exhausting almost like a rage. their bodies are in "alert" mode due to the anxiety. also i've learned kids change so much as they get older their symptoms of their disorders change also.

    where oh where are our manuals??? :)

    I hope he feels better tomorrow. green tea is helpful too decafinnated if you can get him to drink some before school in the a.m.